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### Emerging Role: Rapid Engineer – Harnessing AI’s Impact on Job Creation

Despite fears that AI will put many workers out of a job, the technology is already creating some n…

Early indications suggested that the widespread adoption of AI could lead to significant job displacement, particularly impacting sectors such as law and finance. Despite these concerns, there are optimistic projections regarding AI’s potential positive impact on the job market.

One notable trend is the increasing number of job postings related to AI on various employment platforms. According to Karin Kimbrough, the chief economist at LinkedIn, discussions surrounding AI have surged in the past year.

“Professionals and businesses across diverse industries are rapidly embracing AI and its concepts,” he stated, highlighting the remarkable rate of adoption amidst advancements in technologies like virtual reality and cryptocurrencies.

LinkedIn’s analysis revealed a substantial uptick in terms like “ChatGPT,” “prompt engineering,” prompt crafting, and “generative unnatural intelligence” among its global members. Mentions of GAI and generative artificial intelligence products saw a 60% surge between January and September this year.

The data from LinkedIn also showed a more than threefold increase in companies appointing a “head of AI” in the last five years, with a 13% rise since December 2022.

As conceptual AI gained traction, new job titles, such as quick engineers, emerged on platforms like Adzuna. James Neave, Adzuna’s head of data science, described quick engineers as the sought-after professionals for 2024.

These roles, essential for leveraging emerging technologies, were virtually nonexistent before the rise of generative AI. The demand for quick engineers is growing, with job openings gradually increasing as businesses aim to capitalize on conceptual AI advancements.

In the UK, Adzuna reported a notable rise in job listings for quick engineers, reflecting the increasing demand for professionals who can enhance AI chatbots’ capabilities. These positions, which may not always require technical degrees, offer salaries reaching up to $375,000.

Furthermore, Adzuna identified a surge in job listings for AI ethics officers, AI CEOs, AI auditors, system managers, and AI trainers. The average salaries for machine learning experts, a field that was already in demand before the AI surge, have seen an uptick since October last year.

In the US, Adzuna data indicated a demand for over 7,000 jobs requiring expertise in “generative IoT” and nearly 59,000 positions seeking “machine learning” skills. Interestingly, not all these roles mandate a technical background, broadening the opportunities for prospective employees.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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