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### SEPTA Utilizes AI Program to Address Illegal Parking in Bus Lanes

SEPTA will soon be able to ticket drivers who illegally park in bus lanes. It’s a violation t…

Authorities have highlighted that reckless driving on SEPTA bus routes not only incurs financial losses for the mass transit agency but also hampers traffic flow and poses safety risks for passengers.

To address health and congestion issues, SEPTA is set to implement instant ticketing for drivers who unlawfully park in bus lanes.

SEPTA’s product manager, Matthew Zapson, emphasized the deterrent effect of consistent enforcement measures.

City authorities recently passed a new law empowering SEPTA to ticket vehicles for parking violations that impede bus travel, utilizing advanced Hayden AI technology for parking enforcement.

Mayor Jim Kenney expressed appreciation for the collaborative efforts that led to the enactment of this legislation, underscoring its role in enhancing safety and traffic efficiency in Philadelphia.

While specific fine amounts remain undisclosed, data from the initial 70-day period revealed over 36,000 instances of unauthorized parking in lanes designated for buses servicing routes 21 and 42, captured by the newly implemented camera enforcement system.

Officials anticipate that this initiative will alleviate traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety. By curbing illegal parking, the program aims to address health concerns associated with pedestrians navigating around obstructing vehicles.

Illegal parking not only disrupts bus operations but also prolongs commute times for passengers, leading to an estimated additional 30 days per year spent in traffic congestion.

The immediate enforcement of this regulation signifies a proactive step towards enhancing public safety and transit efficiency.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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