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### Implementing AI Camera Tech for Subway Gun Detection: NYPD’s Latest Initiative

Cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence have the potential to notify authorities when a firearm is brandished in the city’s subway system, a technology that the NYPD is considering, according to officials.

Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry of the NYPD mentioned to NY1 that leveraging this technology could be instrumental in combating the presence of weapons, particularly following a recent shooting incident on an A train in Brooklyn.

Exploring the integration of current surveillance cameras within the subway infrastructure with advanced weapon-detection technology is under consideration. Daughtry highlighted the possibility of utilizing software to identify guns within the subway network. zeroeyes.com

An illustration depicts a gun detection system empowered by artificial intelligence actively identifying drawn firearms. zeroeyes.com

In response to inquiries by The Post regarding the AI-powered camera technology, the NYPD stated that they are actively researching available technologies without specifying a timeline for implementation.

The objective of gun-detection AI is to preemptively alert authorities “before that first shot is fired,” as explained by Sam Alaimo, a co-founder of ZeroEyes, a company deploying such software in various public settings nationwide.

Further Insights

ZeroEyes, situated in the vicinity of Philadelphia, specializes in training an algorithm to recognize firearms once they are visibly drawn, excluding instances where they are concealed in bags or waistbands.

The artificial intelligence technology employed by ZeroEyes focuses on identifying the presence of firearms in public spaces.

A visual representation portrays an individual seated on a subway bench holding a gun.

This software is seamlessly integrated with existing digital camera systems in schools, government facilities, transit networks, and other establishments.

Trained analysts vigilantly monitor dormant screens that activate only upon detecting firearms, subsequently notifying authorities if a weapon is identified.

The software’s operational efficiency enables prompt alerts to end-users, such as schools, subways, military installations, shopping malls, and grocery stores, within a few seconds of a gun being detected on camera.

These alerts include an image of the perpetrator, precise location, and timestamp of the incident, facilitating law enforcement’s response and scene management upon arrival.

The technology has garnered praise from a senior police source for its potential utility, although concerns persist regarding potential circumvention by criminals once details become public knowledge.

While plans are purportedly in place to trial the technology in 2023, challenges are noted regarding the quality of existing subway cameras, described as “extremely subpar.”

Noah McClain, a professor at Santa Clara University with expertise in subterranean environments, expressed skepticism about the feasibility of visually detecting individuals, particularly in low-traffic subway settings, citing the likelihood of significant false positives and negatives.

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