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### US Government Bans Nvidia’s Top Gaming Graphics Card in China

It seems unlikely that old RTX 6000 Ada stock remains.

Workstation-grade RTX 6000 Ada options are still available on Nvidia’s Chinese website despite trade restrictions imposed on the RTX 6000 Ada graphic card to China and other nations under recent U.S. business regulations. Known for its suitability for artificial intelligence training due to its 48 GB memory capacity and efficient small fan cooling system, the RTX 6000 Ada remains a popular choice.

In contrast, the RTX 4090 Nvidia design card, based on the AD102 graphics processing unit and boasting a total control efficiency rating of 5,280, is no longer being marketed in China by Nvidia and its partners. This move follows the necessity for a U.S. Department of Commerce trade license to export the RTX 4090 Nvidia to China, a process that Nvidia seems hesitant to pursue due to potential rejection risks associated with the certification programs.

Despite these developments, Nvidia continues to offer its Generation RTX 6000 Ada design panel to Chinese professionals. This option features the AD102 graphics processing unit with 18,176 CUDA cores, delivering a total control efficiency rating of 5,828. With superior AI training and inference capabilities attributed to its 48 GB memory capacity, the RTX 6000 Ada outperforms the consumer-oriented RTX 4090 Nvidia in these aspects.

Moreover, the Generation RTX 6000 Ada comes equipped with a compact blower cooling system, making it ideal for data center environments and suitable for AI training, inference tasks, and high-performance computing, including FP64 support without limitations.

The reason behind Nvidia’s decision to maintain the listing of the Generation RTX 6000 Ada on its Chinese website remains unclear. Speculations suggest that Nvidia may be considering applying for an export license to continue selling this $6,800 product in China, or alternatively, their partners in China may already have sufficient stock to sustain sales for the foreseeable future.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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