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### Nvidia Introduces New AI ‘Superchip’ Series Blackwell, Outperforming Robust H100

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, introduced new cards at the GTC meeting in San Jose, California, aiming to strengthen the company’s position in artificial intelligence technology, a sector that currently ranks as the third most valuable globally.

The latest innovation from Nvidia, the Blackwell computer style, showcased at the event, boasts exceptional speed in handling AI computations, encompassing both training and inference processes crucial for AI technology.

These cutting-edge Blackwell cards, comprising 208 billion transistors, are set to underpin upcoming computer systems and various products by major data center operators like Amazon.com, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle. Nvidia plans to launch products based on Blackwell architecture later this year.

Despite facing significant challenges, China acknowledges its inability to match the advancements in AI achieved by the United States.

Named after David Blackwell, the first black professor inducted into the National Academy of Science, the Blackwell technology succeeds its predecessor, Hopper, which significantly boosted Nvidia’s sales in the AI sector. The H100, Nvidia’s flagship product, commands a premium price, making it one of the most expensive tech items on the market.

The success of Nvidia’s AI technology has propelled its market value to over US$2 trillion, making it the first chip manufacturer to reach this milestone, trailing only behind Microsoft and Apple.

While the unveiling of the new chips was highly anticipated, Nvidia’s stock experienced a minor dip in extended trading, despite a 79% increase in value this year.

Huang, co-chairman of Nvidia, emphasized the transformative impact of AI on the economy, positioning Blackwell chips as the driving force behind a new industrial revolution.

Nvidia’s collaboration with leading global companies aims to democratize AI across industries, marking a pivotal moment in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence.

The innovative design of the Blackwell chip, too large for conventional production methods, features advanced capabilities for seamless integration and accelerated AI data analysis, complemented by Nvidia’s central processing unit, Grace.

Nvidia’s strategic partnerships and technological advancements are poised to revolutionize AI applications, moving beyond conventional tasks like speech and image recognition to more intricate, data-intensive processes.

As Nvidia looks to broaden its user base, Huang envisions a future where AI systems seamlessly integrate into various sectors, facilitated by Nvidia’s comprehensive software, hardware, and services.

Huang’s keynote speech at the GTC event, dubbed a “Woodstock” for AI developers, featured cutting-edge demonstrations, including robots trained using Nvidia’s simulation tools, underscoring the transformative potential of robotics in the evolving technological landscape.

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