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**Revolutionizing Healthcare: Nvidia Unveils AI-Powered “Agencies” Outperforming Nurses at $9/hour**

Nvidia has partnered with artificial intelligence health care company Hippocratic AI to develop an …

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Nvidia, known for its high-powered chip manufacturing, has joined forces with Hippocratic AI to develop innovative AI “agents” that surpass human nurses in video calls while being more cost-effective per hour.

The collaboration between the two entities aims to introduce “empathetic healthcare brokers” utilizing Nvidia’s technology and trained in Hippocratic’s healthcare-centric large language model (LLM). These agents excel in establishing human connections through “super-low latency verbal reactions.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently presented a keynote address at the Nvidia GTC Artificial Intelligence Conference held at SAP Center on March 18, 2024, in San Jose, California.

Over 1,000 registered nurses and 100 qualified surgeons in the United States have already tested Hippocratic’s agents, with numerous healthcare professionals exploring the bots for non-diagnostic tasks privately.

Hippocratic’s data showcases the superior performance of its bots compared to competitors like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and the LLaMA 270B Skype, consistently outperforming individual nurses across various test groups.

Hippocratic’s Constellation model demonstrated impressive results, surpassing real nurses in tasks such as identifying medication impacts on lab values, recognizing condition-specific disallowed over-the-counter medications, comparing lab values to reference ranges, and detecting toxic dosages of over-the-counter drugs.

The collaboration between Socratic AI and Nvidia focuses on developing AI-powered healthcare agents with conversational empathy, aiming to address the shortage of healthcare workers in the country.

Munjal Shah, the co-founder and CEO of Socratic AI, emphasized the ongoing refinement of their systems in partnership with NVIDIA to alleviate staffing shortages, improve access to healthcare, and enhance individual outcomes.

Kimberly Powell, Nvidia’s vice president of healthcare, highlighted the potential of voice-based online officials powered by AI to bring diversity to healthcare, emphasizing the importance of treating patients with empathy.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of the conceptual AI-powered bots is evident, with nurses being compensated a fraction of their daily rate. Hippocratic’s officials are priced at \(9 per afternoon, significantly lower than the median hourly pay for nurses reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2022, which stood at \)39.05.

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