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### Enhance Your Holiday Shopping with AI-Powered Google Assistance

Google is using artificial intelligence to try to make holiday shopping easier.

Google has introduced new artificial intelligence tools to simplify holiday shopping, offering innovative features on Google Shopping. By utilizing relational artificial intelligence, users can now receive tailored gift suggestions based on their search queries. This development aims to enhance the shopping experience during the holiday season.

On December 11, 2022, shoppers in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, were observed carrying bags of purchased items, reflecting the bustling holiday shopping activity.

The latest enhancements on Google Shopping include the following key features:

  1. Enhanced Search Experience: Users can input specific queries like “gifts for a 4-year-old who likes science” to receive personalized gift ideas and recommendations, making the shopping process more efficient and targeted.

  2. Visual Search Capabilities: Through Search Generative Experiences (SGE), users can now describe items visually, such as a “puffy, beautiful metallic-looking coat,” and receive lifelike images of similar products. This feature caters to users who seek visual inspiration for their purchases.

  3. Virtual Try-On Experience: Google now offers 40 images of men and women of diverse sizes, shapes, and backgrounds to allow users to virtually try on clothing items. By searching for specific products like a “brown jacket at J.Crew,” users can visualize how the item would look on different models, enhancing the decision-making process.

These advancements in artificial intelligence and visual search technology demonstrate Google’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience and providing innovative solutions for users during the holiday season and beyond.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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