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### Enhanced Creation Tools Empowered by RTX and Artificial Intelligence

Go ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’ with new Studio Laptops and GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs, iStock generative AI,…

NVIDIA Studio is making its debut at CES with exciting new software and hardware enhancements aimed at enhancing content creation. The introduction includes the launch of advanced NVIDIA Studio laptops and desktops by renowned brands such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Samsung. Additionally, the new GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series GPUs, which comprise the GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER, GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER, are set to revolutionize the realms of creation, gaming, and AI tasks.

A cutting-edge innovation is the Generative AI tool by iStock from Getty Images, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA Picasso. This tool leverages licensed artwork and the NVIDIA Edify architecture model to ensure the commercial safety of generated assets.

Scheduled for release on Jan. 24, RTX Video HDR is poised to elevate standard dynamic range videos to stunning high dynamic range quality, enriching the viewing experience. When combined with RTX Video Super Resolution, users of NVIDIA RTX and GeForce RTX GPUs can witness significant enhancements in video quality on HDR10 displays.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Twitch, OBS, and NVIDIA is set to enhance livestreaming technology through the Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting beta. This beta, expected to roll out later this month, will enable users to stream multiple encodes simultaneously, catering to a wide range of devices and connections.

NVIDIA RTX Remix, an upcoming free modding platform for remastering classic games with RTX capabilities, is set to enter open beta later this month. This platform offers full ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, and generative AI texture tools for an enhanced gaming experience.

The latest In the NVIDIA Studio feature spotlights NVIDIA artists Ashlee Martino-Tarr and Daniela Flamm Jackson, who utilize AI and Adobe Firefly, powered by NVIDIA technology, to transform 2D illustrations into dynamic 3D scenes.

The introduction of new NVIDIA Studio laptops and desktops promises heightened power and efficiency, featuring exclusive software like Studio Drivers to enhance creative workflows. Each brand, such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, offers unique features tailored to elevate the content creation experience.

The GeForce RTX 40 Series Graphics Cards, including the GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER, GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER, promise superior performance with enhanced capabilities for creating, gaming, and AI tasks. These graphics cards offer improved speed and efficiency, catering to the demands of modern content creators and gamers.

The collaboration between Getty Images and NVIDIA introduces the Generative AI tool by iStock, providing content creators with a safe and affordable means of utilizing AI-generated images. This tool, trained on Getty Images’ extensive library, enables users to generate high-quality images for various digital applications.

RTX Video HDR, an AI-enhanced feature launching later this month, promises to transform standard dynamic range videos into vibrant HDR, enhancing visual quality significantly. This feature, compatible with NVIDIA RTX and GeForce RTX GPUs, aims to maximize the potential of HDR displays for a more immersive viewing experience.

The Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting beta, in partnership with NVIDIA, is set to revolutionize livestreaming technology by enabling users to broadcast multiple resolutions simultaneously. This beta, expected to introduce support for up to five concurrent encodes, will enhance viewer experiences and visual quality.

The upcoming RTX Remix platform, built on NVIDIA Omniverse, offers modders the tools to create stunning RTX remasters of classic games with ray tracing and DLSS technology. This platform, set to release in open beta later this month, empowers modders to reimagine game assets and enhance materials efficiently.

The collaboration between NVIDIA artists and Adobe Firefly showcases the fusion of AI and creative tools to bring illustrations to life in 3D scenes. By leveraging the power of NVIDIA GPUs and AI capabilities, artists can animate 2D illustrations with special effects, demonstrating the endless possibilities at the intersection of art and technology.

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Last modified: January 10, 2024
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