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### Michigan Capitol Implements New AI Technology to Detect Weapons

On the premises of the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence system, named ZeroEyes, is currently under development to detect weapons. This AI technology utilizes existing surveillance cameras to analyze video footage for enhanced security measures at the state Capitol.

ZeroEyes, as described by Sam Alaimo, one of its co-founders, is designed to promptly alert the in-house surveillance center upon detecting any weapon, such as a firearm, in the monitored area. The system flags potential threats, which are then reviewed by personnel in the surveillance center who subsequently relay the information to relevant parties.

Upon identification of a weapon, the surveillance center analyst initiates an alert that can be disseminated to the client and designated on-site personnel, including directors of 911 dispatch for law enforcement coordination.

In response to past incidents involving individuals bringing weapons into the Capitol building and parliamentary halls, the Michigan Capitol Commission implemented a prohibition on firearms within the premises in 2021, prompting the implementation of additional security measures.

ZeroEyes’ distinguishing feature lies in its sole focus on weapon detection, irrespective of the individual carrying it. Alaimo emphasized that the system alerts on the presence of a weapon itself, regardless of the carrier, illustrating its unbiased approach to security monitoring.

Despite inquiries on Monday, committee members were unavailable for interviews regarding the deployment of this innovative technology at the Michigan Capitol.

Elle Meyers, who recently transitioned to the CBS News Detroit team in April 2023 after covering Michigan’s capital for two years, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new role. Hailing from Oregon and an alumna of the University of Oregon, where she studied political science and media, Elle’s background has proven invaluable in her journalistic endeavors in Detroit.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024
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