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– Enhancing Conceptual AI Results: Neo4j and AWS Forge Collaboration to Address AI Hallucinations

/PRNewswire/ — Neo4j®, one of the world’s leading graph database and analytics companie…

Incorporation with Amazon Bedrock for enterprise-oriented AI advantages that are more accurate, transparent, and understandable is encompassed within the extended Strategic Collaboration Agreement.

Neo4j®, a leading graph database and analytics firm globally, disclosed a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on November 21, 2023. This partnership enables businesses to achieve more precise, transparent, and comprehensible outcomes while mitigating generative AI anomalies. It addresses a common challenge faced by developers who necessitate long-term memory for large language models (LLMs) tailored to their specific enterprise data and domains.

Moreover, Professional has been widely accessible in the AWS Marketplace, offering conceptual AI developers a seamless and expedited initiation experience. The AWS Marketplace, a digital repository housing thousands of application listings from independent software vendors, facilitates the simple discovery, evaluation, procurement, and deployment of software running on AWS.

Neo4j, a pioneering entity in the graph database sector, leverages native vector exploration to discern both explicit and implicit relationships and structures. Information graphs, a key application of Neo4j, empower AI systems to effectively deduce, infer, and retrieve relevant data. Through these functionalities, Neo4j serves as a long-term memory repository, yielding more accurate, understandable, and visible outcomes for LLMs and other generative AI systems, in addition to functioning as an enterprise database for grounding RMLs.

In the latest development, Neo4j introduces a novel integration with Amazon Bedrock, an API-driven enterprise that offers foundational designs from premier AI firms to foster the creation and expansion of conceptual AI applications. The ensuing benefits from Neo4j’s seamless linkage with Amazon Bedrock include:

  • Decreased Anomalies: By collaborating with Langchain and Amazon Bedrock through Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Neo4j can develop virtual assistants rooted in business knowledge. This collaboration reduces anomalies and delivers outcomes that are more accurate, transparent, and understandable.
  • Personalized Experiences: The amalgamation of Amazon Bedrock and Neo4j’s context-rich knowledge graphs enables access to an extensive array of foundational models for generating highly personalized text and summaries for end-users.
  • Enhanced Development Capabilities: Developers can harness Amazon Bedrock to generate vector embeddings from unstructured data (text, images, and videos) and enrich knowledge graphs using Neo4j’s new vector search and retention capabilities. This facilitates obtaining comprehensive real-time insights, such as searching for products based on descriptions or images within a financial repository.


Pablo Lima, CEO of TAG Infraestrutura at Mercado Financeiro

“We can develop conceptual AI applications at scale and democratize credit assessment and insights within our sector, thanks to the integration of Neo4j’s knowledge graphs and Amazon Bedrock capabilities.” Neo4j’s analytical tools and algorithms enable our partners to enhance product customization for retailers and creditors based on intricate transaction data, thereby facilitating swift adaptation to new regulations.

Harrison Chase, CEO of LangChain

LangChain, Neo4j, and Amazon Bedrock can now leverage Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to create virtual assistants grounded in business knowledge, eliminating anomalies and delivering more precise, understandable results. This advancement significantly aids teams in bridging the gap between the exceptional customer experiences enabled by conceptual AI and the labor-intensive processes involved.

Atul Deo, General Manager at Amazon Bedrock, AWS

“At AWS, we remain committed to providing businesses with a diverse array of tools and resources to develop conceptual AI solutions tailored to their specific business requirements, applications, and user experiences.” The integration of Neo4j’s graph database with Amazon Bedrock aims to offer customers advanced solutions for delivering more accurate, transparent, and personalized experiences to end-users in a fully managed fashion.

Neo4j’s Chief Product Officer is Sudhir Hasbe.

Having been an AWS Partner since 2013, Neo4j’s latest collaboration signifies a pivotal fusion of cloud computing and graph systems in the burgeoning era of AI. Together, we equip businesses with the necessary tools to harness conceptual AI effectively, deliver optimal outcomes for their clientele, and swiftly unlock the true potential of their interconnected data.

Additional Resources

For more information and a video demonstration, please refer to Neo4j’s booth# 1304 at the AWS Invent 2023 event, scheduled from November 27 to 30, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Neo4j

Neo4j, the forefront leader in Graph Database & Analytics, aids organizations in uncovering hidden relationships and patterns across vast data connections deeply, effortlessly, and rapidly. Customers leverage the structural advantages of their interconnected data to unveil innovative solutions for diverse business challenges, ranging from fraud detection and customer insights to supply chain management, personalization, IoT, network optimization, and more – even as their data volumes expand. Neo4j’s comprehensive graph stack delivers robust native graph storage, advanced data science capabilities, sophisticated analytics, and visualization, coupled with enterprise-grade security measures, scalable architecture, and ACID compliance. The Neo4j community comprises a vibrant open-source network of over 250,000 developers, data scientists, and architects across numerous Fortune 500 companies, governmental bodies, and NGOs. Visit neo4j.com.

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