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### Enhancing Cybersecurity: Insights from National Insurance’s Chief on Threat Landscape, AI, and the Significance of Trace3 Collaboration

Trace3 client talks cybersecurity, leadership and what he likes about Trace3.

Mike Jones, the vice president of security at Nationwide Insurance, values the fact that Trace3 does not offer services from competing vendors, emphasizing their system and business neutrality. Jones appreciates the unbiased business perspective provided by Trace3, as it aligns well with his needs. He expressed his admiration for Trace3’s ability to offer insights that challenge conventional thinking and enhance corporate strategies.

Jones, who was recently honored with the Trace3 Outlier Award for his innovative leadership, highlighted the importance of receiving vendor-agnostic advice from Trace3, which has been instrumental in his role at Nationwide Insurance. Despite being a relatively new client, Jones felt a sense of achievement and recognition for his contributions to the partnership.

In discussing his views on artificial intelligence (AI) and security, Jones emphasized the diverse applications of AI in enhancing observability and threat intelligence modeling. He also touched upon the challenges of staying ahead in terms of skills and technology within the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Looking ahead, Jones shared his focus on maintaining corporate resilience, adapting to environmental changes, and improving observability in cybersecurity. He underscored the value of collaboration with external experts like Trace3 to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

As a leader, Jones emphasized his management style centered around understanding and motivating employees, fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and support within the organization. He believes that effective leadership involves valuing every team member and ensuring that they feel appreciated and empowered.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024
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