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### NAMM’s New CEO Embraces AI, Influencers, and Public at Anaheim Resumption

The four-day music extravaganza at the Anaheim Convention Center, previously only for NAMM members,…

Timing plays a crucial role in the NAMM Show, the oldest and largest trade event for music instrument creators, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. This week marks the return of the annual winter summit to its traditional January schedule after the COVID-19 pandemic hiatus that began in March 2020.

John T. Mlynczak, the President and CEO of the Carlsbad-based National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), emphasized the significance of the industry gathering coinciding with the recent interest rate reduction by the Federal Reserve Board. The 2024 NAMM Show is scheduled for January 25-28 at the Anaheim Convention Center, spanning 1.8 million square feet and featuring over 3,000 brands presented by 1,600 major and independent companies from 101 countries and territories within the $19.5 billion music products sector. While historically a members-only affair, the NAMM Show is now accessible to the general public, although its primary focus remains on music-industry professionals.

The four-day event will showcase more than 200 concerts and 500 events, including prestigious ceremonies like the 39th annual NAMM Tec Awards, the 22nd annual Parnelli Awards, and the She Rocks Awards hosted by Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles, honoring female musicians. Renowned British singer-songwriter Mary Spender, a 2023 She Rocks honoree, views the NAMM Show as a pinnacle event within the music community, akin to the Super Bowl for YouTubers focusing on music content.

The 2024 NAMM Show arrives at a pivotal moment for the music industry, aiming to rebound from the pandemic-induced challenges. The Music Trades reported a slight decline in annual revenues in 2021 following record earnings in 2020. The industry witnessed a surge in consumer sales for musical instruments and equipment during the pandemic, which tapered off as live music events resumed. Concurrently, the demand for audio and lighting equipment escalated with the resurgence of concert tours, driving growth for NAMM member companies.

The NAMM Show’s return to its full four-day format in January is anticipated to amplify its impact and attendance, attracting a diverse array of industry professionals, educators, and enthusiasts. The event serves as a catalyst for inspiration, networking, and business opportunities within the global music industry landscape. John T. Mlynczak’s leadership as the new CEO/President of NAMM signals a forward-looking approach, embracing innovation and adaptation to steer the organization towards a dynamic future.

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Last modified: January 22, 2024
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