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**Supercharging AI with MRI Technology: Unleashing Advanced Capabilities**

Early detection means earlier life-saving treatment.

40 million individuals in the United States undergo an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging procedure in San Antonio, Texas (as reported by Ivanhoe Newswire) annually. This non-invasive technique is the preferred method for physicians to visualize the internal structures of the brain. To ensure optimal diagnostic accuracy, some healthcare systems have begun integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the MRI process.

During an MRI scan, medical professionals utilize powerful electromagnets to detect early signs of conditions such as cancer and kidney disease. Timely detection through these scans enables prompt and potentially life-saving interventions.

Dr. Carlos Morales, a neuroradiologist affiliated with Baptist Health System and Baptist M&S Imaging in San Antonio, Texas, explains that AI is employed to enhance image quality but not to interpret the results; human radiologists still analyze the images.

By leveraging AI technology, medical facilities can generate high-quality images in a significantly shorter time compared to traditional MRI scans. This advancement not only expedites the imaging process but also improves the overall patient experience by reducing the time spent inside the MRI scanner by up to 50% in certain cases.

Dr. Morales highlights that the AI system they utilize produces images with 30 to 50 percent higher resolution, facilitating easier interpretation for healthcare professionals.

The implementation of AI technology enables radiologists to conduct more comprehensive and precise examinations, leading to the early detection of subtle abnormalities, including small tumors that may be challenging to identify with standard-resolution scans.

By inputting specific parameters into the system, radiologists can expedite the scanning process, reducing the duration of a typical 30-minute MRI test to just 12 minutes. This streamlined approach, combining human expertise with AI algorithms, enhances the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic imaging procedures.

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Last modified: December 28, 2023
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