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### Enhancing Artists’ Digital Identities with Moises and HYPERREAL AI

Moises and HYPERREAL, two startups in the AI audio and VFX space, partner to create virtual identit…

A “proprietary online individual asset” known as Hypermodel has been created by Moises, an AI music and sound startup, in partnership with HYPERREAL, a prominent visual effects company. This innovative tool allows designers to craft personalized online avatars for promotional, artistic, and fan engagement purposes. Since 2021, HYPERREAL has been actively collaborating with renowned artists like Paul McCartney and Beck, notably contributing to the visual effects of their music videos, such as “Find My Way.”

Moises, a well-established AI music company, provides a range of cutting-edge tools to musicians, including voice synthesis, lyric transcription, and stem separation. Through their recent collaboration, Moises and HYPERREAL aim to support the estates of legendary artists in revitalizing the artists’ legacy and enabling them to communicate in multiple languages using AI voice modeling. This strategic partnership facilitates the localization of music and targeted content distribution to specific regions.

The integration of AI technology in the music industry has led to the emergence of valuable applications such as translation services and legacy artist branding. In a gesture of appreciation to his dedicated fan base, music artist Lauv partnered with AI lyrics startup Hooky to translate his song “Love U Like That” into Asian languages. Similarly, MIDNATT, a Vietnamese artist, utilized the HYBE-owned text synthesis platform Supertone to translate his debut track into six different languages, showcasing the diverse applications of AI in music production.

Moreover, AI technology is being leveraged to digitally recreate deceased performers, as demonstrated by Warner Music’s upcoming documentary on the life of Edith Piaf. Through AI emulation, the project aims to capture the essence and vocal characteristics of the iconic “La Vie En Rose” singer. Companies like Tencent’s Lingyin Engine and Supertone have also garnered attention for their initiatives in preserving the musical legacies of renowned artists like Teresa Teng and Anita Mui through AI-generated vocal synthesis.

Geraldo Ramos, the CEO of Moises, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with HYPERREAL, emphasizing their shared commitment to innovation while upholding the rights of artists and content creators. Remington Scott, the founder and CEO of HYPERREAL, lauded the exceptional quality of Moises’ voice modeling technology, highlighting their artist-centric approach and dedication to exceeding industry standards. The partnership between Moises and HYPERREAL promises to deliver remarkable advancements in voice modeling capabilities, setting a new standard for creative expression in the realm of AI-driven music and visual arts.

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Last modified: November 15, 2023
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