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### Fostering Cross-Disciplinary Communication: MIT Generative AI Week Promotes Interdisciplinary Exchange

During its Generative AI Week in November 2023, MIT hosted symposia and events aimed at examining t…

MIT Generative AI Week brought together faculty, staff, and participants from various sectors of the university in late November. The event featured a prominent full-day symposium and four specialized symposia aimed at fostering discussions on the potential applications of conceptual artificial intelligence technologies across different domains.

As per MIT President Sally Kornbluth’s email announcing the development week earlier in the autumn, the events were designed to address the societal implications of relational AI, emphasizing the importance of understanding, managing risks, and leveraging the power of AI for positive outcomes.

MIT Generative AI Forum Highlights

The week commenced with the MIT Generative AI: Shaping the Future forum, featuring keynote presentations and welcoming remarks from Kornbluth. The morning session showcased a keynote address by Professor Emeritus Rodney Brooks, while the afternoon keynote was delivered by Refik Anadol, a renowned media artist. Panel discussions covering various aspects of conceptual AI, including its foundations, applications, ethics, and societal impact, were integral parts of the forum. The event concluded with a performance by guitarist and artist Paul Winter, with leadership from Daniela Rus, Cynthia Breazeal, and Sertac Karaman.

Screening of “Another System”

The week’s activities included a special screening of the award-winning film “Another System,” followed by a panel discussion with the director, Rabab Haj Yahya, and other distinguished guests, exploring the implications of deepfake technology on individuals and society.

Forum on Generative AI and Education

The Forum on Generative AI and Education showcased keynotes, panel discussions, and live demonstrations highlighting the transformative potential of generative AI in learning and teaching practices across different educational levels. The event concluded with a showcase of innovative research projects, co-chaired by Cynthia Breazeal and Christopher Capozzola.

Generative AI + Health Symposium

Focused on AI applications in healthcare and environmental sustainability, the Generative AI + Health Symposium featured talks on chemical design, sensing technologies, climate change projections, mobility efficiency, and material innovation. A panel of experts explored the evolving role of AI in improving human health and planetary well-being, with leadership from Raffaele Ferrari, Polina Golland, Amy Keating, and Elsa Olivetti.

Generative AI + Creativity Conference

The Generative AI + Creativity Conference brought together MIT experts to envision a future where AI-enhanced systems enhance creativity and decision-making processes. Discussions centered on the collaboration between human creativity and AI, fostering lifelong creativity, promoting equity, trustworthiness, and engaging diverse stakeholders in creative endeavors. The conference was co-chaired by Dava Newman and John Ochsendorf.

Generative AI + Impact on Commerce Symposium

Exploring the impact of AI on commerce and governance, the symposium delved into the role of AI in regulatory frameworks, investment strategies, and consumer welfare. Experts from MIT, policymakers, venture capitalists, and equity investors discussed the ethical deployment of AI for competitive advantage. Vivek Farias and Simon Johnson co-chaired the symposium.

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