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**Revamp Your Workspace with Microsoft Teams’ AI-Powered Organization Makeover**

Teams subscribers will be able to tidy up their cluttered backgrounds and suppress other noises whe…

Do you worry that others using a video conferencing platform might catch a glimpse of your untidy office or living space? Microsoft Teams is set to introduce a new feature that will enable users to virtually enhance their surroundings for a more polished appearance.

At the Ignite 2023 event, Microsoft revealed a range of AI-driven enhancements for its Teams video conferencing software. Among these updates is the introduction of two new Copilots designed to provide AI-guided support for sales and services.

One standout feature is “Design your context,” which allows users to leverage AI-generated effects to enhance their real-world backdrop. Whether it’s reducing background noise or adding decorative elements to mimic a more organized space, this feature enables users to create a more professional setting. This functionality will be accessible to Teams Premium users starting early next year.

Another innovative feature is “Voice isolation,” which uses AI to recognize and highlight the user’s voice while suppressing background noise. By undergoing a brief enrollment process, the AI can accurately distinguish the user’s speech. This “Voice isolation” feature is scheduled to launch in early 2024, available for Teams Phone and Teams Meetings users.

Navigator for Teams introduces a new level of automation by handling various administrative tasks during virtual meetings. Users can task the Copilot with actions like retrieving meeting notes or providing translations in real-time, streamlining the meeting experience for all participants.

For those seeking a more interactive experience, Copilot offers the ability to ask questions and retrieve information during calls without storing any text or interactions post-meeting. This feature is typically available to users with a Microsoft 365 Navigator license.

Moreover, Microsoft’s AI-driven Security Copilot, unveiled at Ignite 2023, enhances security measures within the platform.

To facilitate text creation or revision, users can utilize the Copilot create box within Teams chats and channels. Additionally, Microsoft Whiteboard’s Navigator feature can capture, interpret, and share key discussion points among meeting participants seamlessly.

Furthermore, Copilot will introduce smart recaps for comprehensive meeting summaries, ensuring that all participants are informed of key points, action items, and decisions made during the session. Users can also direct specific queries to Copilot for further insights into the meeting content.

The majority of Copilot and AI features are slated for release in early 2024, with a brilliant recap option set to launch in December of the same year.

In addition, Azure AI Studio will be showcased at Ignite 2023, unlocking the potential of this AI toolkit as Microsoft continues to integrate AI capabilities across its product suite to meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence solutions. By leveraging AI technologies across Windows, Office, Teams, Azure, and other offerings, Microsoft aims to establish AI as a core component of its business strategy.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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