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– Microsoft’s $500M Investment in AI and Cybersecurity Boosts Canadian Development

Microsoft Canada’s $500 million investment follows the $218 million it has already invested in the …

With its commitment to Quebec, Microsoft Canada aims to boost local businesses’ cloud infrastructure by 750 percent and cultivate partnerships that offer training, certifications, and additional resources.

Microsoft unveiled a significant investment in security, AI, and digital technologies on Wednesday to strengthen its foothold in Quebec, a predominantly French-speaking province.

The fresh infusion of $500 million will be directed towards expanding Microsoft’s digital infrastructure in Quebec, with a specific emphasis on AI and hyperscale cloud computing.

This investment is projected to result in a remarkable 750 percent expansion of Microsoft’s cloud capabilities in Canada within the next two years.

According to a report commissioned by Ernst & Young, Microsoft’s Quebec operations currently support over 1,000 employees, 3,200 partners, numerous cloud facilities accounts, and sustain more than 57,000 jobs, generating an annual revenue of approximately \(365 billion and contributing around \)5 billion to Canada’s economy.

In addition to the recent \\(500 million injection, Microsoft had previously invested \\\)300 million, as verified by Ernst & Young.

Microsoft’s primary goal is to accelerate progress in AI technology and increase its computing capacity in Quebec by approximately 240 percent over the next three years. This endeavor entails collaborating with industry leaders on various initiatives to provide educational resources, certifications, and other forms of support to bolster the local digital economy.

A notable initiative is the establishment of the Operational Risk Skills Development Center, a collaborative project between Microsoft Canada and KPMG Canada, offering cybersecurity and AI education in French.

Furthermore, the investment will facilitate the expansion of NPower Canada and Microsoft Canada’s American Tech Talent Accelerator in Quebec, creating new opportunities for online education and career advancement.

Michael Slater, senior director for Microsoft and security sales at Sherweb, a cloud services company based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, commended Microsoft Canada’s decision, underscoring its significance for Quebec’s MSPs ecosystem and the region’s compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

Slater emphasized cybersecurity as a key focus area and expressed optimism that this investment would enhance Canada’s proficiency in security and AI technologies.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024
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