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**Microsoft Expands Copilot AI Rollout to More Windows 11 Users, Prompting Swift Adoption on Windows 10**

A wider rollout for the AI assistant has kicked off, running through to May

Microsoft has recently announced the expansion of Copilot availability to more Windows 11 users, with plans to extend it to Windows 10 users in the near future. The update was highlighted by Neowin in the Windows message center, indicating a broader release of the AI assistant. Users who have not yet encountered Copilot may soon have the opportunity to do so.

Starting this year, users can pose up to 10 queries to Navigator without the need to log in to their Microsoft account. This change allows individuals to test the AI functionality even without an active Microsoft account linked to their Windows system.

The current phase of Copilot deployment is in progress for Windows 11 (23H2 and 22H2) for consumers, while Windows 10 devices running Home or Pro versions (22H2) will begin receiving Copilot in a wider rollout later this month, possibly within the next week. Microsoft aims to reach the majority of targeted Windows 11 and 10 devices by the end of May.

Microsoft is actively enhancing Copilot’s toolkit for adjusting Windows settings, although progress in this area has been gradual thus far.

Most users are expected to have access to Navigator by the end of May, with the implementation already live on Windows 10 PCs and set to expand further.

To identify the presence of Copilot, users can look for the distinctive colorful icon located in the system tray on the far right of the taskbar. The ‘Pre’ label on the icon signifies that Copilot is still in preview, potentially resulting in occasional quirky behavior during usage.

While the Copilot icon can be hidden, the AI itself cannot be completely removed from Windows at this stage. It will continue to operate in the background, even if not actively utilized. Although third-party applications may offer methods to uninstall Copilot, it is advisable to refrain from such actions, as discussed previously.

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