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### Unveiling Microsoft Copilot: Exploring the Bing AI Chatbot

Also known as Bing Chat, the generative AI assistant from Microsoft can do a lot for your business,…

Over the last month, artificial intelligence has played a significant role in the technology industry, with prominent tech giants introducing application interfaces, browser extensions, and AI chatbots aimed at simplifying tasks for individuals and businesses.

Among these AI platforms, ChatGPT stands out as a widely recognized option, while Google Bard serves as a formidable competitor in the AI landscape. Concurrently, Microsoft’s AI assistant, Navigator, has been an integral part of the Microsoft ecosystem, despite its collaboration with OpenAI.

For detailed information on Microsoft Copilot, including its functionalities, pricing, and service integration, refer to the guide below.

Microsoft Copilot: Overview

Microsoft Copilot, an AI chatbot, is a key offering within various Microsoft services, providing users with easy access to verbal AI capabilities such as answering queries, generating content, creating images, and executing a diverse range of tasks and requests.

What sets Microsoft Copilot apart is its seamless integration into the Microsoft environment, allowing for usage across platforms like Teams, Outlook, Office, Bing search engine, as well as Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, distinguishing it from competitors like ChatGPT.

How to Use Microsoft Copilot

The versatility of Microsoft Copilot is evident through its availability across multiple Microsoft services. Here’s a guide on utilizing Microsoft Copilot within different Microsoft platforms.

Windows 1011

On Windows 10 and 11, users can access Microsoft Copilot through the toolbar, denoted by a distinctive blue circle logo. By clicking on the Copilot icon, users can initiate queries and commands, making interactions intuitive and efficient.


In Teams, leveraging AI capabilities can enhance collaborative work efforts. By selecting a specific chat, users can access Copilot features by clicking on the Copilot button in the chat box’s upper right corner. This enables users to choose from predefined commands or create custom requests tailored to their needs.


When using Bing search engine, users are greeted with a search bar prompting them to ask questions or make requests. Microsoft Copilot responds to queries above the default search results, offering quick and straightforward interactions, albeit with limitations on follow-up inquiries.


Within Outlook, Copilot streamlines email composition by offering the option to draft messages using AI assistance. By selecting Draft with Copilot, users can input message content and choose from various tones, simplifying the email creation process. Additionally, Copilot can provide summarized insights on lengthy messages, enhancing productivity.


Microsoft Office users can benefit from Copilot’s functionalities across applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. From generating content to summarizing information, Copilot aids in document editing, data analysis, and presentation creation, contributing to a more efficient workflow within the Office suite.

Microsoft Copilot Pricing

While Microsoft Copilot is accessible for free on Bing search website and Windows OS, additional charges apply for integrating Copilot with services like Teams, Outlook, and Office. The monthly cost for Microsoft Copilot, available as an add-on for Microsoft 365 Business plans, is \(30 per user. This add-on is compatible with Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plans, priced at \)36 and $57 per user per month, respectively.

In summary, incorporating Microsoft Copilot into organizational workflows comes at a cost, primarily catering to enterprise-level entities.

For a detailed cost comparison between Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT, explore our comprehensive analysis.

Microsoft Copilot: A Comprehensive Solution

While a free version of Copilot exists, offering basic functionalities, the full-fledged Microsoft 365 iteration provides advanced features tailored for professional use. Users can access a simplified version of Copilot through the Bing search engine, while Windows 10 and 11 users can access the tool by updating to the latest software version.

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Last modified: February 17, 2024
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