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### Quris-AI Appoints Michel Vounatsos and Yossi Ben Amram to Key Roles

Vounatsos was appointed Board member and Ben Amram was appointed President, respectively.

Past CEO of Biogen, Michel Vounatsos, and former Merck & Co. executive have been appointed to the Board of Directors of Quris-AI, as announced by the company. Yossi Ben Amram will assume the role of the new chairman of the region, with both individuals poised to support the company in bridging the scientific forecast gap.

Yossi Ben Amram and Michel Vounatsos (left)

Dr. Isaac Bentwich, CEO and founder of Quris-IoT, expressed the significance of adding esteemed medical leaders like Yossi Ben Amram and Michel Vounatsos to the leadership team, emphasizing their pivotal roles in driving a pharma Bio-AI revolution. Their profound understanding of market dynamics, global development strategies, and unique perspectives are expected to greatly benefit the company as they contribute to software development, relationship systems, and global growth initiatives.

Prior to joining Quris-AI, Vounatsos held the positions of CEO and board director at Biogen, with a distinguished career at Merck & Co. spanning nearly two decades in various leadership roles. He highlighted the transformative impact of the BioAI system on personalized medicine and drug development, expressing eagerness to collaborate with the exceptional team at Quris-AI.

Ben Amram brings over 30 years of experience from his tenure at pharmaceutical firms, including Merck & Co., Inc. and TEVA Pharmaceuticals. His extensive background includes serving as president of MSD EURAM and CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company operating across 100 nations. Currently, he serves as a Board Member at PolyPid Ltd., a clinical-stage biotech company. Joining Quris-AI, Ben Amram commended the company’s commitment to innovation and discovery, citing its exceptional team of scientists and groundbreaking technology.

Quris-AI, a bio-AI therapeutic prediction platform, plays a vital role in enhancing the safety and efficacy of new medications. By leveraging a fully automated AI platform, the company accelerates the prediction of medical safety and efficacy for new drugs, reducing the reliance on animal testing. With offices in Boston and Israel, Quris-AI is backed by investors in big data and corporate bioscience, positioning itself at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Last modified: January 4, 2024
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