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### Meta Closes AI Division, Sparking Concerns

The team has been moved to work on generative AI and infrastructure instead.

The Responsible AI team at Meta, a prominent tech giant, is said to be disbanding and shifting its focus towards conceptual AI endeavors. This shift in direction was disclosed in an internal communication obtained by The Knowledge over the weekend.

As per the internal document referenced in the communication, the majority of the Concerned AI team members will transition to conceptual AI tasks. The restructuring initiative, as outlined by a Meta executive, aims to align the team more closely with the core product and technology development efforts. Additionally, some team members will be reassigned to contribute to Meta’s overarching AI framework.

Established in 2019, the Concerned AI team was originally tasked with monitoring issues related to Meta’s AI initiatives, particularly concerning AI training methodologies utilizing diverse datasets and mitigating platform constraints within Facebook. Previous reports from Business Insider earlier this year characterized the Responsible AI team as a “barrel of team” lacking autonomy and burdened by excessive governmental oversight.

The decision by Meta to dissolve the Responsible AI team raises concerns, especially considering the nascent stage of AI legislation. This move is noteworthy as Meta has previously emphasized its commitment to responsible AI development. Nonetheless, apprehensions surrounding the moderation practices on Meta platforms have surfaced, leading to instances of civil rights infringements and biased translations affecting Instagram bios and WhatsApp sticker image processing.

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Last modified: February 24, 2024
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