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**Introducing Meta’s Latest AI Tools for Image Editing and Digital Asset Creation**

Generative AI tools Emu Video and Emu Edit are set to be rolled out to both Instagram and Facebook …

Two innovative AI tools for generating digital assets and editing images have been unveiled by Meta.

These projects have the potential to be integrated into Facebook and Instagram, enabling content creators to efficiently produce videos and enhance in-stream images through text prompts.

The significance lies in streamlining the collaboration between creative and media teams, enabling the rapid creation of multiple video assets and image modifications, thereby freeing up resources for tasks such as audience analysis. For businesses, quick access to diverse artistic resources can also spark inspiration.

Emu Video: Meta’s latest relational AI tool for video creation, Emu Video, leverages technology from the “Emu” AI research project. This tool allows creators to generate short video clips by following textual cues. Emu Video excels in producing high-quality video content from plain text sources or static images. It can even animate user-provided images based on text prompts, surpassing previous methods and setting a new benchmark in the field.

Emu Edit: Meta’s new image editing tool, Emu Edit, offers versatile editing capabilities including local and global edits, history manipulation, color and geometry adjustments, object detection, segmentation, and more. Emu Edit meticulously follows instructions to ensure that pixels relevant to the specified editing tasks remain unchanged in the final image.

In Meta’s statement, as per the company’s director:

  • Despite being in the early stages of research, the potential applications of these tools are evident. Imagine creating animated posters or intricate GIFs on the fly for a group chat instead of searching for the perfect media response.
  • “Emu Video, Emu Edit, and similar cutting-edge technologies have the potential to empower individuals to express themselves in new ways—whether it’s an art director conceptualizing a new project or a friend sharing a personalized greeting. While they cannot replace professional artists and filmmakers, we see this as a significant step forward.”

Meta’s innovative tools aim to revolutionize digital content creation and editing, offering users new avenues for self-expression and creativity.

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Last modified: February 17, 2024
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