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### Title: Aitana Lopez: The 25-Year-Old Spanish AI Designer Earning Up to 9 Million Fortnightly

Aitana was created by designer Rubén Cruz and his agency The Clueless. Her biography on Instagram r…

Aitana Lopez, a 25-year-old Spanish model created using artificial intelligence (AI), has garnered a substantial following of 141,000 Instagram users. This AI-driven model, known for her vibrant hair, can earn up to €10,000 monthly, approximately Rs 9 lakh, with an average monthly income of €3,000. Aitana was brought to life by Rubén Cruz and his company, The Clueless, based in Barcelona.

Cruz disclosed to Euronews that due to the postponement or cancellation of jobs, primarily involving celebrities and models, he encountered difficulties. In response, the concept of Aitana emerged as a means to secure a more stable income without relying on individuals subject to emotional fluctuations or high financial demands.

For business engagements such as branding, Aitana serves as a unique AI representative for companies that seek her services. She shares her photos on Fanvue, a platform akin to OnlyFans, which has transitioned into an online sports merchandise retailer. Despite interacting with celebrities who remain oblivious to her non-human existence, Aitana receives private messages, even romantic invitations, showcasing the extent to which her AI persona has been embraced.

Cruz recounted an incident where a prominent Spanish American artist, unaware of Aitana’s artificial nature, expressed interest in meeting her. This revelation underscores the seamless integration of Aitana into the social sphere, blurring the lines between reality and AI-generated personas.

The development process of Aitana involves weekly planning sessions to determine her activities and photo uploads, utilizing Photoshop and AI technology during photo shoots to maintain her virtual identity. Cruz emphasized the importance of infusing realism into Aitana’s narrative to enhance her relatability, acknowledging that human-like qualities are essential for audience engagement.

Initially crafted as a fitness enthusiast, Aitana embodies traits of strength, independence, and altruism, reflecting the cultural values that shaped her persona. Her character is influenced by prevalent trends, evident in her athletic pursuits and distinctive red hair.

Beyond Aitana Lopez, The Clueless has introduced another AI model named Maia, underscoring the organization’s commitment to advancing AI technology in the realm of modeling. The deliberate choice of names, incorporating the acronym AI, underscores the artificial nature of these digital personalities.

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Last modified: February 15, 2024
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