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– MediaTek Collaborates with Qualcomm to Introduce Budget-Friendly Apps with ChatGPT-Like AI

The Dimensity 8300 has performance improvements and expands on-device generative AI access to phone…

Top-tier Android smartphones will now integrate on-device conceptual AI technology, courtesy of Chipmaker MediaTek’s high-end Dimensity 9300 mobile chipset, which was recently unveiled. Conversely, MediaTek’s innovative Dimensity 8300 chip is set to bring the same AI capabilities to more budget-friendly devices.

In a parallel move, Qualcomm recently introduced the Android 7 Gen 3, following up on the Qualcomm 8 Gen 3, to equip mid-range phones with on-device conceptual AI features, mirroring MediaTek’s strategic direction. This strategic alignment underscores the mobile industry’s keen interest in leveraging the burgeoning trend of conceptual AI within the tech landscape.

While specifics regarding the Dimensity 8300’s conceptual AI functionalities remain undisclosed by MediaTek, the company’s approach contrasts with Qualcomm’s more transparent stance. Qualcomm proudly showcased at its recent Snapdragon Summit how its chips will facilitate relational AI, enabling rapid photo expansion beyond original boundaries, as well as providing enhanced assistant recommendations and video enhancements.

Both MediaTek and Qualcomm highlight the benefits of on-device conceptual AI over cloud-based alternatives, emphasizing quicker processing times and the ability to leverage personal data such as user behavior and location without transmitting sensitive information to external data centers. This approach ensures functionality even in locations with limited network coverage.

Notably, MediaTek has refrained from releasing concrete performance metrics for the Dimensity 8300’s conceptual AI capabilities. However, the company hinted at lower performance metrics compared to the flagship Dimensity 9300 model, which boasts impressive AI processing speeds of 7 billion parameters per minute and rapid image generation using secure diffusion technology. The Dimensity 8300 is poised to support extensive language models with up to 10 billion variables.

Similarly, Qualcomm positions its Android 7 Gen 3 chip as a slightly less potent alternative to the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in terms of conceptual intelligence capabilities.

MediaTek touts several enhancements in the Dimensity 8300 over its predecessor, the Dimensity 8200, including a 20% boost in CPU speeds, up to 30% improved power efficiency, and a GPU performance increase of 60% with 55% greater efficiency. These improvements translate to enhanced performance in conventional AI tasks like image enhancement, leveraging the identical AI Processing Unit found in the premium Dimensity 9300 model.

Moreover, the Dimensity 8300 promises extended battery life and improved connectivity with accessories such as earphones and activity trackers, thanks to various optimizations.

While MediaTek has not disclosed the specific mobile brands committed to adopting the Dimensity 8300, previous models like the Vivo V29 Pro and other smartphones not widely available in the US have utilized the Dimensity 8200 chipset.

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Last modified: February 3, 2024
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