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### Ethereum Founder Reveals Unexpected AI Strategy with Bitcoin in Decentralized Plan

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has revealed his own brand of “techno-optimism” that w…

The surge of artificial intelligence (AI) this year has energized technologists unlike the impact of bitcoin, ethereum, and cryptocurrencies—although a potential U.S. dollar collapse could alter this dynamic.

The burgeoning AI technology wave has overshadowed the excitement surrounding the recent surge in bitcoin, ethereum, and crypto prices, propelling the bitcoin price to double its value from a year ago as institutional investors gear up to enter the market.

As the bitcoin and crypto community anticipates a significant announcement from Binance, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of ethereum, has introduced his unique brand of “techno-optimism,” envisioning a decentralized AI ecosystem that prioritizes security and privacy, leveraging bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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In a detailed blog post, Buterin emphasized the necessity for deliberate human intervention in shaping the desired outcomes, cautioning against relying solely on profit maximization algorithms, citing the recent turbulence at AI trailblazer OpenAI stemming from conflicting views within its leadership regarding commercialization.

Buterin introduced his concept of “d/acc” (defensive or decentralization or differential acceleration) in response to the rise of the “e/acc” (effective accelerationist) movement, expressing concerns about its reliance on continued U.S. military supremacy.

Highlighting the role of cryptographic tools like blockchains and zero-knowledge proofs, Buterin underscored their potential in enabling individuals to establish economic and social frameworks independently, free from centralized authorities.

The ethereum price has mirrored the upward trajectory of the bitcoin price this year, both nearing half of their peak values in 2021.

By championing blockchain technology, initially popularized by bitcoin, as a prime example of d/acc principles, Buterin emphasized its capacity to empower users and communities to verify trustworthiness while safeguarding privacy and security without centralized control.

Buterin’s strategic approach to AI development, intertwined with crypto and blockchain, aims to prevent the dominance of a single AI entity, safeguarding humanity’s position as the dominant species on Earth and mitigating the risk of AI-induced “human extinction.”

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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