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### Mark Mobius to Shift Base to Dubai, Focus on AI Ventures, and Expresses Bearish Views on India

When asked about arguably the best company that is manufacturing AI tools for the world, Mobius cit…

The expert specializing in developing markets expressed a keen interest in technology companies that develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Renowned for his expertise in emerging markets, Mark Mobius, the co-founder of Mobius Capital Partners, recently announced his retirement to focus on investing in technology and AI-centric enterprises in developing economies worldwide, with Dubai as his new base of operations. In a recent interview with CNBC TV-18, the 87-year-old investment guru shared his insights on this strategic move.

Mobius emphasized, “While these markets are still emerging, the future lies in technology,” highlighting India as a prime example of a country leveraging AI technologies extensively.

Discussing his investment strategy, Mobius underscored the significance of technology firms utilizing AI to enhance their operational efficiency and profitability, particularly in emerging markets. Although he has yet to pinpoint specific companies in the American market, he expressed a particular fascination with enterprises that innovate AI solutions.

When asked about leading AI innovators, Mobius singled out Amazon for its pioneering use of AI in customer service and logistics, lauding the tech giant’s advancements in this field.

Anticipating a shift in global investment trends, Mobius predicted a significant influx of capital into India, diverting funds that would traditionally flow to China. He highlighted the substantial growth in both public and private investments in India as a testament to this changing landscape.

Furthermore, Mobius disclosed his involvement in a new venture focusing on hedge fund investments in Dubai, further expanding his portfolio in the region.

Impressed by the robust returns on investment in American enterprises, Mobius commended the high profitability of businesses in the U.S. market, signaling promising prospects for reinvestment and expansion opportunities.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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