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### Boosting Recruitment Efficiency in “AI in Action” Using MakeDeal’s AI-Powered Features

Founded by serial entrepreneur Oleg Panchenko, whose business portfolio includes the employee sourc…

Selection procedures, especially in job openings, can present notable obstacles. The challenge of pinpointing the most appropriate candidate from a pool of applicants can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Discovering the ideal combination of skills and experience may appear almost insurmountable, necessitating substantial resources and not always producing optimal outcomes.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have empowered recruiters to streamline this process by utilizing Application Tracking Systems (ATSs). These systems have transformed the recruitment landscape by automating tasks with efficacy and efficiency.

Looking ahead, the goal is to update outdated ATSs to the most recent systems. MakeDeal, established by serial entrepreneur Oleg Panchenko, seeks to address this requirement. MakeDeal encompasses the application development studio FreySoft and the employee sourcing firm FreYStaff, providing recruiters with a more streamlined workflow. Furthermore, three of its primary services integrate AI technology.

AI-Powered Text Generation

In the realm of recruitment, effective communication plays a crucial role, especially with the rise in remote job applicants leading to a surge in applications. Candidates now anticipate personalized interactions, increasing the intricacy of maintaining engagement throughout the recruitment process. An AI-enhanced text generator, like the one utilized by MakeDeal, can ease the burden of extensive communication. Recruiters can depend on AI to create tailored responses promptly, ensuring timely and personalized communication with candidates.

As per Panchenko, AI aids recruiters in composing personalized pitches based on candidates’ professional background and accomplishments.

CV Screening and Skill Evaluation

Resume parsing and screening are essential functions of applicant tracking systems. While an ATS excels in organizing resume data for easy retrieval, MakeDeal’s AI-driven system intelligently screens CVs and assesses skills. By scrutinizing candidate profiles against job prerequisites and pinpointing potential skills gaps, MakeDeal guarantees a comprehensive evaluation process.

Panchenko elucidates, “At MakeDeal, we evaluate candidates based on job specifications, requirements, and previous work experiences, identifying any skills deficiencies. This meticulous analysis assists us in pinpointing pertinent competencies.”

Through this innovative feature, MakeDeal ensures that no potential matches are disregarded due to outdated resumes or inadequately articulated qualifications. The AI technology illuminates critical aspects that might otherwise escape notice.

Enhanced Overall Operational Efficiency

Recruiters frequently face productivity hurdles that can impede their efficacy. While AI supports skill assessment and email composition, MakeDeal’s non-AI functionalities also play a crucial role in enhancing overall efficiency. Features such as note-taking and term highlighting complement the AI-driven capabilities, enhancing productivity and maximizing the advantages of AI features.

MakeDeal’s strategic integration of AI extends to tracking metrics and generating reports, empowering users to monitor, gauge, and disseminate data seamlessly. Ultimately, the tool’s effectiveness is gauged by its capacity to efficiently fill positions with qualified candidates. Recruiters stand to benefit significantly from MakeDeal’s comprehensive tool, facilitating enhanced efficiency, effective communication, reduced workload, and improved team collaboration—all facilitated by the marvels of AI technology.

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Last modified: January 15, 2024
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