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– NVIDIA and L&T Technology Partner to Launch Advanced Artificial Intelligence Solutions

LTTS & NVIDIA join forces to introduce Gen AI & software-defined architecture to revolution…

Shares of L&T Technology Services Ltd. (LTTS) rose by 1.10 percent following the announcement of a collaboration with NVIDIA to introduce an innovative software-defined architecture and Gen AI aimed at transforming medical imaging within the realm of endoscopy.

The collaborative software-defined framework developed by LTTS and NVIDIA serves as a scalable solution utilized in the healthcare sector for decision-making processes. Among its key attributes is an image processing network that facilitates noise reduction, edge and contrast enhancement, texture and color refinement, along with spectral correction. These functionalities streamline image manipulation and AI-driven decision support, particularly in the realms of tissue identification and categorization.

Shanker Trivedi, the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at LTTS, remarked, “The synergy between LTTS’ proficiency in clinical system advancement and NVIDIA’s comprehensive AI computing platform provides significant value to the healthcare technology domain by accelerating the creation of AI-driven, software-defined medical apparatus.”

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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