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### Warning from Local Specialist: AI Enhances Traditional Holiday Scams

It’s important to be on the lookout for scams this holiday season, but we’re learning this time aro…

It’s crucial to remain vigilant for scams during the holiday season, as fraudsters are now leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the effectiveness of their schemes.

At Pikes Peak State College Rampart Campus, students are delving into the realm of artificial intelligence, uncovering how AI is amplifying the complexity of frauds and scams.

Dr. Dennis Natali, the AI Police Chair at Pikes Peak State College, emphasizes the evolving landscape of scams, attributing the increasing sophistication to AI technology. He has compiled a comprehensive list known as the 12 Frauds of Christmas, cautioning individuals to be mindful of these schemes, as AI is playing a significant role in their advancement.

One particular concern highlighted by Dr. Natali pertains to malicious holiday apps targeting children. By infiltrating home networks through seemingly innocent apps, scammers can gain access to all connected devices, posing a serious threat to families.

Jacquelyn Gators-Jordan, overseeing Dr. Natali’s initiatives at Pikes Peak State College, underscores the importance of educating both students and families on recognizing and mitigating these risks. By fostering an informed community, they aim to empower individuals to navigate the digital landscape more securely.

Dr. Natali stresses the need for individuals to proactively educate themselves on the prevalent scams outlined in his list, emphasizing the importance of self-defense in thwarting these relentless attacks.

As scams continue to proliferate, with fraudsters targeting unsuspecting victims daily, it is imperative for individuals to stay vigilant and informed. By familiarizing themselves with the resources provided, individuals can better equip themselves to identify and combat fraudulent activities:

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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