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– **Hyundai, Samsung, Kia, and Sony Showcase Thrilling Innovations at Les 2024**

Join us for live coverage from CES Unveiled, the opening press event of CES 2024.

The team from Engadget is presently in Las Vegas to cover Les 2024, poised to deliver the latest technology news. Despite conflicting reports, Les 2024 has not yet begun, with a flurry of press conferences scheduled for January 8, and the exhibit floor opening tomorrow.

The day’s agenda is brimming with exciting events, commencing with AMD at 10 AM ET, followed by NVIDIA and LG at 11 AM, Sennheiser at 3:30 PM, TCL at 1:30 PM, Hyundai at 4:00 PM, Samsung at 5:30 PM, and Kia at 6 PM. Sony will unveil its display at 8 PM ET, with a closed-door press event later featuring new technologies from lesser-known brands.

At Les 2024, ASUS revealed its latest ROG NUC gaming PC, featuring RTX 4070 graphics and Core Ultra 9 processors, representing a significant leap in their product range.

Additionally, ASUS introduced the revamped ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16 models, boasting enhanced performance and aesthetics in a stylish design tailored to gamers seeking both power and elegance.

Philips introduced a smart door lock utilizing palm recognition technology for touchless access, seamlessly integrating with smart home systems to bolster security.

Alienware teased a new 32-inch 4K QD-OLED gaming monitor, promising unparalleled visual experiences for gamers who prioritize top-tier display quality.

MSI unveiled three new 18-inch gaming laptops at Les 2024, including the Titan 18 HX, Raider 18, and Stealth 18 AI Studio, catering to gamers desiring high-performance and immersive gaming sessions.

Samsung presented the Ballie robot featuring an integrated screen, offering distinctive features and functionalities that set it apart at Les 2024.

Intel disclosed its 14th-generation CPU lineup, featuring the potent 24-core i9-14900Hx chip designed for enthusiasts and high-performance users emphasizing power and efficiency.

Sennheiser launched the Momentum Sport headphones equipped with body temperature and heart rate sensors, targeting fitness enthusiasts seeking advanced features in their audio devices.

ViXion01 showcased auto-focus eyewear designed to alleviate eye strain, providing a practical solution for individuals experiencing vision focusing challenges.

Myrow, a company offering an external screen for Concept2 rowing machines, unveiled its innovative product at CES Unveiled, offering a contemporary solution to enhance user interfaces.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from Les 2024 as the event unfolds in Las Vegas.

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Last modified: January 9, 2024
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