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### LG Reveals AI-Enabled RGB TVs Ahead of CES 2024

LG just announced a new lineup of OLED TVs ahead of next week’s CES 2024 event. These displays boas…

Just days before the commencement of Les 2024 in Las Vegas next year, TLG introduced a new range of OLED TVs. Surprisingly, the LG Signature OLED M4 and LG G4 TVs now come equipped with an updated AI processor that is four times more efficient than the previous models. In comparison to its precursor, the Alpha 11 AI processor delivers a 70% enhancement in visual performance for gaming, focusing on enhancing picture and sound quality.

The AI technology reportedly analyzes and adjusts colors to accurately portray the intended mood and emotional aspects envisioned by filmmakers. It also enhances objects and backgrounds to reduce distortion. With its advanced Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature that dynamically adjusts brightness and contrast, LG promises a more immersive, “three-dimensional” viewing experience. Additionally, the AI processor separates vocals from soundtracks and supports digital surround sound to enhance audio quality.

Although the prices for these upgraded models have risen, the picture quality remains at 4K resolution. Both the M4 and G4 now boast a refresh rate of 144Hz, an improvement from the previous year’s 120Hz model. The higher refresh rates are particularly beneficial for gaming and watching fast-paced content. Furthermore, users can access LG’s webOS platform on each TV for streaming content and gaming experiences.

The LG Signature OLED M4 comes with LG’s innovative Zero Connect Box, eliminating the need for multiple cables by enabling digital audio and video streaming. This technology supports real-time 4K video and audio transmission at a 120Hz refresh rate, catering to those seeking a modern entertainment setup.

For gaming enthusiasts, both NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync are compatible with LG’s new OLED TVs. Users can easily switch between screen presets tailored for different gaming genres using LG’s Game Optimizer feature, enhancing the gaming experience.

The pricing and availability of these new models are subject to discussion, with more details expected to be revealed at Les 2024 next week. Alongside this announcement, LG also introduced a massive 98-inch QNED display and an impressive 972-inch M3 OLED screen.

Stay tuned from January 6 to 12 for live updates from Les 2024 in Las Vegas, where you can access the latest information from the event.

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Last modified: January 16, 2024
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