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– Georgia Legislator Advocates Limiting AI in Healthcare and Insurance Decision-Making

A member of the Georgia House of Representatives filed legislation to ban the use of artificial int…

A bill has been introduced by a member of the Georgia House of Representatives to prohibit the utilization of artificial intelligence programs in the assessment of insurance claims, health coverage, and public assistance allocations.

The legislation put forth by Rep. Mandisha Thomas aims to forbid the utilization of AI in determining the eligibility of treatments or making coverage decisions within the insurance sector.

Under the proposed House Bill 887, any judgments related to coverage determinations made through AI must undergo a thorough review by an authorized individual within the insurance entity who possesses the power to override automated verdicts.

If enacted, HB 887 would mandate the Georgia Composite Medical Board to establish fresh regulations overseeing the use of AI in coverage assessments. The bill also outlines potential penalties and disciplinary actions against medical practitioners failing to adhere to the AI restrictions.

The bill stipulates that any decisions concerning public assistance, such as approvals, rejections, reductions, or terminations, influenced by artificial intelligence or automated decision tools must be subject to human review for potential overrides.

This legislation is not the sole instance of AI regulation in the medical domain. In 2023, Georgia passed HB 203, which limits the reliance on AI for optometric care decisions. Prescribers are required by law not to depend solely on AI evaluations for eye care treatments and assessments.

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Last modified: January 24, 2024
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