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**Revolutionizing Customer Service: Kingfisher Unveils AI-Powered Client Assistant**

Home improvements retailer Kingfisher , home to the B&Q and Castorama brands, has launched what…

LONDON, November 14 (Reuters) – Kingfisher (KGF), the home improvement retailer behind the B&Q and Castorama brands, has unveiled the industry’s pioneering artificial intelligence-driven assistant designed to aid customers in their DIY projects.

The utilization of AI by more retailers aims to enrich personalized shopping experiences, ultimately leading to cost savings and revenue growth.

This virtual assistant is poised to address customer queries related to DIY tasks and provide detailed guidance on a wide range of home improvement undertakings and product recommendations, as disclosed by Kingfisher, a constituent of the FTSE 100 index, on Tuesday.

Customers can now seek advice from the assistant on tasks such as “How can I install a kitchen worktop?” or “Which saw is best suited for cutting my worksurface?” with the assistant delivering relevant instructions.

In the near future, the assistant will possess the capability to analyze images for visual searches, respond to queries based on sensory information, and engage in text-based conversations with customers.

Initially accessible on the website and app of Castorama France, Kingfisher’s multilingual virtual assistant is expected to expand its presence to include Brico Dépôt in France, as well as B&Q and Screwfix in the UK, pending successful implementation.

Tom Betts, the Data Director at Kingfisher, expressed enthusiasm about the technology’s potential. The group reported a 7.1% increase in e-commerce sales on July 31, constituting 16.8% of total sales, with the second-quarter results slated for release on November 22.

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Last modified: November 14, 2023
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