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### Exploring the Creation Process of AI Videos

AI image generator MidJourney will begin video model training in the coming days and expects to rel…

The graphic creation tool Midjourney, recognized for its integration with Discord, is enhancing its AI capabilities by introducing a “text to picture” feature in the near future. CEO David Holz announced plans to commence training movie versions in January, marking a strategic evolution for the platform and fueling innovation in the conceptual video industry.

During a Discord program called “OfficeHour,” the creators of Midjourney discussed upcoming enhancements to their manga/anime machine model, V6 Niji, and highlighted improvements for the forthcoming official release of Mijember V6. The company also outlined its agenda to initiate training for new movie models, set to be accessible within a few months.

Despite potentially trailing competitors, Midjourney remains committed to prioritizing quality and user experience over rapid development. Its recent venture into text generation reflects a trend observed in various models such as Dall-E 3, SDXL, and lesser-known generators like Ideogram and IF. While Midjourney introduced features like inpainting and outpainning after their standardization on platforms like Stable Diffusion, it aims to uphold its reputation for excellence.

Embracing a Competitive Landscape

Midjourney’s expansion into the film realm coincides with similar initiatives from competitors like Stability AI’s Stable Video Diffusion and Meta’s EMU movie generator. Established models like Pika and Runway ML are also solidifying their positions, intensifying the competitive landscape. The emergence of photo generators like Leonardo AI, equipped with movie generation capabilities, further underscores the competitive dynamics in the field.

The recent v6 update by Midjourney emphasizes enhanced speed and more realistic images, positioning the platform to compete effectively despite ongoing design refinements. These developments signal a significant shift not only in the business landscape but also in the realms of art and media. The evolution of AI-driven content creation and communication has the potential to redefine reality perception, streamline creative processes for artists and advertisers, and usher in a transformative era in visual storytelling.

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Last modified: January 3, 2024
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