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**Criticism from Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales: ChatGPT Receives Harsh Review**

Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales tells Euronews Next about the ‘terrible’ early stage of ChatGPT, th…

Jimmy Wales, the prominent figure behind Wikipedia, engages in a conversation with Euronews Next regarding the initial phase of ChatGPT, a project by OpenAI, and his endeavor in an open-source social media platform.

As per Jimmy Wales, the creator of the platform, ChatGPT, the immensely popular generative AI tool developed by OpenAI, is currently facing challenges when utilized for crafting Wikipedia articles. Describing the output of a Wikipedia article generated using ChatGPT-4 as “subpar” and “ineffective,” he highlights numerous inaccuracies and implausible content generation, including the fabrication of sources.

Expressing his skepticism, Wales suggests that achieving a supernatural level of AI capability may require up to 50 years of development. While he envisions the potential for AI to surpass human performance eventually, he emphasizes the current role of AI tools in supporting academic pursuits during their nascent stage.

OpenAI, a prominent startup in the United States, gained significant attention with the introduction of its chatbot, ChatGPT, which interacts with users by providing human-like responses sourced from online information. Despite occasional misinformation, the chatbot finds utility in creative tasks such as writing essays, song lyrics, or wellness advice.

The upheaval within OpenAI, marked by the temporary dismissal and subsequent reinstatement of CEO and co-founder Sam Altman due to employee discontent, prompts reflection from Wales. While acknowledging the concerns raised by the incident, he anticipates the organization’s resilience in overcoming such challenges, underscoring the importance of effective management and decision-making in startup ventures.

Regarding the collaboration between AI and Wikipedia, Wales remains open to exploring AI applications for error detection and correction in Wikipedia articles. He envisions a potential partnership with an open-source AI entity aligned with Wikipedia’s ethos, albeit exercising caution in evaluating such initiatives.

Highlighting the significance of Wikipedia’s role in shaping AI models, Wales underscores the importance of accuracy and impartiality in content creation. He acknowledges the efforts of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors, known as “Wikipedians,” in maintaining content integrity and combating misinformation, emphasizing the need for diversity to mitigate bias effectively.

In response to Elon Musk’s provocative proposal to rename Wikipedia, Wales dismisses the suggestion, emphasizing the importance of combating misinformation and fostering a constructive online environment. Despite his amicable relationship with Musk, Wales emphasizes the need for responsible platform management to ensure sustained advertiser support.

Wales introduces his social networking platform, Trust Cafe, as a distinct alternative to mainstream social media strategies, emphasizing user empowerment and open discourse. Drawing inspiration from platforms like X and Reddit, Trust Cafe aims to foster engaging discussions while mitigating negative online behaviors.

Reflecting on the challenges of managing online platforms, Wales remains optimistic about creating a vibrant and inclusive digital community where diverse perspectives can thrive in a conducive environment.

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Last modified: February 3, 2024
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