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– Nvidia’s Israel-1 Supercomputer Unveiled Ahead of Schedule

The computer represents a major leap forward in the capabilities of artificial intelligence technol…

Nvidia’s Israel-1 AI Supercomputer Achieves Breakthrough Milestone

In a groundbreaking feat of engineering, the Israel-1 AI supercomputer developed by Nvidia has attained scientific marvel status by completing its initial construction phase in a mere 20 weeks, surpassing expectations by nearly two months.

Boasting exceptional specifications, the Israel-1 is poised to rank among the world’s fastest AI supercomputers and stands as the pinnacle of technological advancement in Israel. With an impressive capacity of 130 petaflops for medical computing and eight peak AI performance, this supercomputer signifies a monumental leap forward in computational capabilities.

Noteworthy is the fact that a petaflop denotes a staggering speed of 1,000 trillion operations per minute, equivalent to one gazillion, in contrast to one quintillion floating-stage operations.

This achievement heralds a new chapter in computing, equipping Nvidia’s research and development teams, along with selected partners, with formidable tools to delve into the realm of upcoming AI software.

The development of the Israel-1 AI supercomputer by Nvidia marks a significant stride towards democratizing robust AI, showcasing the potential for global innovations that could revolutionize various facets of our daily lives and industries.


Israel Acknowledged as AI Vanguard by Nvidia CEO

Jensen Huang, the esteemed founder and CEO of Nvidia, lauds Israel as the cradle of AI’s cutting-edge capabilities, emphasizing the country’s prowess in nurturing world-class AI researchers and developers dedicated to shaping the future of AI software.

The deployment of the first phase of the Israel-1 supercomputer signals the inception of a testing ground for Nvidia’s Spectrum-X, featuring a remarkable four exaflops of Artificial performance and 65 petalops of scientific computing. This innovative network platform, originating in Israel, aims to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of Ethernet-based AI clouds.

The rapid progress achieved in the development of the Israel-1 garnered accolades from Gilad Shainer, the senior vice president of HPC and networking at Nvidia. The expeditious construction of the Israel-1, described as “built at an incredible speed,” is poised to empower our adept engineering teams with AI capabilities. This exceptional system is set to drive the creation of products and solutions that tackle some of the most pressing global challenges.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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