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– Unveiling Google Cloud and Stagwell’s AI Partnership: A New Key to Innovation?

Through its Marketing Cloud unit, Stagwell partnered with Google Cloud and SADA to develop new tool…

Is the marketing landscape gradually shifting towards the post-walled garden era, and could generative AI play a pivotal role in driving this transformation?

Recent findings by Digiday reveal that Stagwell has partnered with Google Cloud and SADA, a prominent Google partner, to innovate and develop cutting-edge tools and solutions for its clients and affiliated companies. The responsibility for overseeing this collaboration falls under the Stagwell Marketing Cloud division of the conglomerate.

Within the SMC realm, there is a concerted effort to leverage AI-driven tools powered by Google Cloud’s advanced relational AI technologies, including Vertex AI, Duet AI, among others, to facilitate progress and innovation.

Merril Raman, the chief technology officer at Stagwell, emphasized the broad application of conceptual AI in marketing and advertising. The primary goal is to equip their agencies with generative AI capabilities to swiftly analyze data, derive insights, expedite research processes, and extract valuable insights from studies.

Mansoor Basha, SMC’s chief technology officer, aims to foster interconnectivity within the advertising domain to enhance comprehension and streamline workflows. He underscores the importance of showcasing the cohesive narrative that links various components within the discipline to provide clients with tangible evidence of marketing efficacy and return on investment.

The collaborative teams at SMC are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in business promotion, enhancing data analytics, and driving insights. They rely on the expertise and support of SADA, a key partner to Google Cloud, to navigate these technological frontiers effectively.

Caroline Yap, Google Cloud’s managing director of international AI, highlighted the initial encounter between Stagwell and Google at Cannes, where mutual aspirations and objectives were shared. She commended Stagwell’s efforts to democratize access to large language models and generative AI tools tailored for specific verticals, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in technology adoption.

Mark Penn, Stagwell’s chairman and CEO, expressed his unwavering commitment to spearheading the next wave of technological advancements in marketing and advertising. He lauded Google’s partnership and endorsement of Stagwell’s vision, positioning the collaboration as a game-changer in the industry’s landscape.

The introduction of AI-based tools like PRophet for predictive press release analysis and Harris Quest’s line of Artificial materials underscores Stagwell’s innovative approach. These advancements could potentially erode barriers between platforms, brands, and agencies, signaling a paradigm shift in the industry.

Raman emphasized the significance of fostering openness not only in engineering practices but also in advertising and marketing strategies. The focus is on direct collaboration with clients to co-create solutions, promoting transparency and accessibility in all facets of operation.

Yap highlighted the versatility of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, offering over 100 different types of applications. She underscored the importance of translating business strategies into AI techniques that deliver long-term value, aligning technology with overarching objectives for sustainable growth and innovation.

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Last modified: November 9, 2023
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