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### 2023 Unveiled: Major Headlines and Revelations

There’s already been some notable AI news.

Amazon is holding its annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, dominating the entire strip. The corporation, which recently invested in generative AI firms like Anthropic and provides access to extensive language models such as Llama 2, is set to unveil fresh partnerships, enhanced generative AI capabilities, and novel AI models.

Significant AI-related updates have already emerged from the event, including Amazon Transcribe now being powered by generative AI and AWS planning to integrate Nvidia’s potent GH200 AI chips. Amazon is poised to reveal more noteworthy developments as it aims to demonstrate its competitiveness in the AI sector against major cloud infrastructure rivals like Microsoft and Google.

  • Collaboration between AWS and Nvidia in generative AI.

AWS is set to become the pioneering cloud service provider to deploy Nvidia’s GH200 chips, initially slated for launch in 2024. Nvidia has indicated that the GH200 boasts three times the memory capacity of the popular H100 chips.

During AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote at the AWS re:Invent conference, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made a surprise appearance and announced the forthcoming availability of Nvidia’s AI “factory” DGX Cloud on AWS.

  • AWS is trialing a chip designed to address crucial quantum computing challenges.

Peter Desantis, the general manager of AWS EC2, disclosed during a re:Invent keynote that the new chip aids in rectifying errors that may arise, such as altering a binary code from 1 to 0, when dealing with quantum computing queries. Desantis highlighted that effective mitigation of quantum computing errors could pave the way for more practical quantum computing applications.

AWS has expanded the language support for its Amazon Transcribe service, enabling generative AI-driven transcription for 100 languages and introducing a range of new AI features for users.

Unveiled at the AWS re:Invent event, Amazon Transcribe now possesses enhanced language recognition capabilities and the ability to initiate call transcriptions. AWS clients leverage Transcribe to integrate speech-to-text functionalities into their applications on the AWS Cloud.

  • Amazon introduces a novel virtual desktop solution akin to a Fire TV Cube tailored for enterprises.

In lieu of traditional hard drives, compact clients like the cube offload most computational tasks to the cloud and can remotely connect to virtual desktops. AWS’ Melissa Stein emphasized the company’s aim to offer a cost-effective solution for businesses in high employee turnover sectors, such as call centers, granting them access to enterprise applications.

The AWS thin clients are priced at \(195, or \)280 when bundled with a hub for connecting a secondary monitor, along with a monthly $6 fee for management and maintenance.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024
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