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**Articul8 AI: Intel’s Spinoff Offering GenAI Solutions for Businesses**

To capitalize on the explosion in generative AI, Intel and investment partner Digital Bridge Group …

The announcement of the launch of Articul8 AI, a standalone enterprise that currently offers a secure GenAI application to businesses, was made on Wednesday by Intel and its partner Digital Bridge Group. This strategic move aims to leverage the burgeoning AI landscape.

Articul8 AI, comprising executives from Intel, is not expected to go public, and the financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed by Intel. Arun Subramaniyan, previously the public director for Intel’s Data Center and AI Group, has been appointed as the CEO of Articul8.

The software platform is designed to operate in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid mode, catering to diverse infrastructures. Initially dependent on Intel Xeon processors and Gaudi accelerators, the software is poised to support various applications.

Industry analyst Jack Gold from J. Gold Associates remarked that the significance of AI, particularly in Intel’s focus on optimizing Gaudi and Xeon chips, is underscored by this development. Success for Articul8 AI could potentially give Intel processors a competitive edge over rivals like Nvidia and AMD.

Boston Consulting Group has already integrated the program into its services for clients in sectors such as finance, aviation, semiconductors, and telecommunications, emphasizing the critical need for robust security measures.

Rich Lesser, the global head of BCG, highlighted the longstanding partnership with Intel in deploying Articul8 solutions for clients seeking efficient and rapid website development.

Articul8’s clientele, including Invest India, Scripps, and Uptycs, have benefitted from its services. Uptycs, a cybersecurity company, utilizes Articul8 to analyze threats using natural language processing, generating valuable insights and mitigation strategies. Ganesh Pai, the CEO of Uptycs, expressed enthusiasm for Articul8’s rapid deployment of GenAI models to enhance their security applications.

Intel’s recent unveiling of the Core Ultra for Computers and portable devices, along with the 5th generation Xeon processors, signifies its AI Outside strategy. CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized the collaboration with Articul8 in advancing AI capabilities across diverse platforms.

According to DigitalBridge CEO Marc Ganzi, the challenge for global enterprises lies in integrating GenAI capabilities into their operations swiftly. Articul8’s user-friendly GenAI technology platform facilitates the extraction of value from proprietary data, enabling businesses to enhance their processes efficiently.

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Last modified: January 16, 2024
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