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### Exploring AI Applications in Cybersecurity: Trends for 2023

Derek E. Brink of Aberdeen Strategy & Research explores AI’s impact on cybersecurity in 2023, …

We have identified that all three standard AI use scenarios in security are prevalent in Aberdeen’s latest study on The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2023:

  • Pattern identification: This involves tasks like filtering out noise, reducing false positives, and allowing security analysts to concentrate on critical threats.
  • Process technology: This encompasses activities such as analyzing and integrating data from diverse sources to facilitate faster triage, forensics, and response to security incidents.
  • Predictions: This includes swiftly scanning networks and systems for vulnerabilities, identifying vulnerabilities that attackers are likely to exploit, and prioritizing suggested patches or updates.

However, as depicted in Figure 1 below, the top performers stand out from the rest by placing additional emphasis on process automation. While saving time and money is generally beneficial, in this context, it can lead to other favorable outcomes such as mitigating security risks and reducing the need for additional security personnel.

According to Aberdeen’s State of IT in 2023 report, leveraging AI in security has yielded significant benefits across three key enterprise value categories:

  1. Enhanced productivity: This was reported by 51% of respondents, citing cost reduction, time savings, and operational efficiencies.
  2. Risk mitigation: 43% of respondents highlighted the importance of reducing the frequency and impact of security incidents to manage risks effectively.
  3. Strategic alignment: 38% of respondents emphasized optimizing strategic business goals to drive revenue growth, profitability, and market share.

The research indicates that while all businesses recognize AI’s potential in cybersecurity initiatives, prioritizing process automation for efficiency gains is crucial in the current landscape.

Aberdeen recommends this strategic focus given the state of AI in security and prevailing economic conditions. The study’s insights on top AI-enabled use cases, both existing and planned, will be further explored in the concluding segment of the series on The State of AI in Cybersecurity.

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Last modified: February 7, 2024
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