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### Examining the Impact of AI on the Public: USC Annenberg 2024 Report

The 8th edition of the USC Annenberg Relevance Report won’t be relevant for long, predicts Fred Coo…

The examination of the potential developments and achievements that the field of communications may encounter as it delves into the realm of artificial intelligence is being conducted by experts from USC and Microsoft.

The image for this study was provided by the USC Center for Public Relations.

Fred Cook, the director of the USC Center for Public Relations, expressed that while the 8th edition of the Annenberg Relevance Report may not remain relevant for an extended period, its current significance is undeniable. Cook highlighted the growing prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in communications, noting a significant shift in perception from a mere 18% of experts considering AI’s role as substantial in 2019 to a striking 80% in a subsequent 2023 poll conducted in collaboration with WE Communications. This surge in interest has propelled AI to the forefront of discussions at various events and agencies, underscoring its pivotal position in the industry.

The USC Relevance Report, a compilation of contemporary articles exploring the integration of AI in marketing, business relationships, and public relations, features contributions from researchers and industry professionals. Delving into the practical incorporation of AI into daily communication tasks, the report also addresses the ethical and legal considerations accompanying technological advancements, such as concerns related to social bias, misinformation dissemination, and potential job displacement. Additionally, it showcases enterprises experimenting with AI applications and students leveraging AI tools to enhance their creative endeavors.

In a collaborative effort with Microsoft, the USC Center for Public Relations curated this week’s report, drawing insights from notable figures including Microsoft’s Chief Communications Officer Frank X. Shaw, computer science expert Jaron Lanier, and communications specialist Steve Clayton. The panel of experts from USC includes luminaries such as WE Communications CEO Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Zeno Group CEO Barby Siegel, Edelman President & COO Matthew Harrington, and Weber Shandwick’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Chris Deri. Moreover, university affiliates from USC Annenberg, including Dean Willow Bay, Robert Kozinets & Ulrike Gretzel, Gabriel Kahn, and Burghardt Tenderich, contribute their expertise to enrich the discourse on AI in communications.

Cook emphasized that the current USC Relevance Report does not serve as a definitive roadmap for navigating the complexities of Artificial Intelligence. Instead, it is positioned as an invitation to explore the boundless potential of uncharted territories, acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding the future trajectory of AI applications in the field.

For access to the complete report, interested parties are encouraged to visit Annenberg.uc.edu/relevance. Media representatives, industry analysts, as well as PR and communications professionals are invited to delve into the comprehensive findings and engage in discussions regarding the prospective evolution of AI in the communications landscape.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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