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### Introducing 6Eskai: IndiGo’s GPT-4-Powered AI Chat Assistant

The chat assistant answers customer queries in 10 languages and offers a platform for booking ticke…

IndiGo has introduced an AI chatbot named 6Eskai, which utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology to interact with customers. This chatbot is multilingual, catering to queries in 10 different languages and facilitating ticket bookings across the airline’s network. Developed internally in collaboration with Microsoft, 6Eskai represents IndiGo’s pioneering use of artificial intelligence to elevate customer service standards.

By leveraging this innovative technology, IndiGo has observed a significant 75% reduction in the workload of customer service agents since the soft launch of 6Eskai. The chatbot streamlines the ticket booking process by engaging customers in natural language conversations, thereby simplifying their booking journey.

Equipped with an impressive 1.7 trillion parameters, 6Eskai possesses the capability to address a wide array of customer queries effectively. Through prompt engineering, this chatbot emulates human-like responses, including the ability to recognize emotions and inject humor into interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

IndiGo highlights that 6Eskai can perform various tasks such as booking tickets, applying discounts, facilitating add-on purchases, conducting web check-ins, assisting with seat selection, trip planning, FAQ responses, and seamless customer-agent connections. The chatbot can interpret both written and verbal instructions, utilizing speech-to-text models for enhanced communication.

Summi Sharma, senior vice president of ifly and customer experience at IndiGo, expressed confidence in the chat assistant’s ability to provide personalized support efficiently, aligning with the airline’s commitment to technological innovation and customer-centric services. IndiGo foresees improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency across its services through the integration of this advanced chatbot.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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