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**Enhancing Patient Care: Philips and Norway’s Vestre Viken Health Trust Develop AI-Powered Medical Solutions**

Norwegian healthcare provider Vestre Viken Health Trust uses Philips AI Manager, a cloud-based AI-e…

It is now more essential than ever for professionals to efficiently manage their time and effectively support individuals in need, given the current scarcity of skilled oncologists and the prevalent issue of employee burnout in various countries, including Norway. To cope with the escalating work demands amidst staff shortages, ensure continuity of care, expedite diagnosis and treatment processes, and enhance patient outcomes, healthcare providers require workflow-improving solutions.

Vestre Viken Health Trust, a healthcare provider in Norway, has adopted the Philips AI Manager, an AI-powered software solution rooted in advanced technology, as part of a pre-established agreement. A specialized AI application for detecting tooth fractures will be extensively deployed to cater to the requirements of approximately 500,000 residents across 22 municipalities in Norway. This agreement has the potential to offer AI-driven clinical solutions to around 3.8 million individuals (80% of the Norwegian populace) across 30 hospitals managed by the nation’s four primary regional healthcare authorities within a span of four years, with the option of extension. This marks a significant milestone as the largest and most comprehensive contract for Philips to implement enterprise-wide AI solutions within a healthcare system in Europe.

Cecilie B. Løken, the Technology Director at Vestre Viken Health Trust, expressed, “The utilization of artificial intelligence in our Radiology Department has exceeded our initial expectations. Not only does AI identify fractures that may have been overlooked by physicians, but it also enhances workflow efficiency and elevates the standard of care provided to our patients.” The integration of AI is poised to be pivotal in advancing effective and high-quality patient care, shaping the future landscape of medical services.

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Last modified: February 15, 2024
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