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### Nvidia Sets New Revenue Record with Remarkable Performance

As the generative AI wave keeps growing, the chip maker is reaping the windfall

The most valuable semiconductor manufacturer globally is presently undergoing unparalleled expansion. Just ahead of Nvidia’s highly awaited Q3 earnings disclosure on November 21, the specialized AI chip producer witnessed a remarkable surge in its stock price, reaching an all-time high of $504.09.

The market’s optimism is well-grounded, with companies of all sizes racing to integrate generative artificial intelligence, a trend from which Nvidia is poised to benefit significantly. With a market capitalization nearing $800 billion, Nvidia, known for its state-of-the-art AI chips, is set to capitalize substantially on the generative AI wave.

Nvidia is forecasting revenue of around $16 billion for the third quarter, marking a nearly threefold increase from the same period in 2022. Earlier this year, the company grappled with soaring demand stemming from shortages in graphics processing units (GPUs) and networking equipment. In response, Nvidia has bolstered its supply chain to fortify its standing as the foremost global provider of AI chips.

Insightful Quote: The Importance of Generative AI

“Generative AI is the single most significant platform transition in computing history….In the last 40 years, nothing has been this big. It’s bigger than PC, it’s bigger than mobile, and it’s gonna be bigger than the internet, by far.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at Microsoft’s Ignite event last week

Visualization: Unprecedented Surge in Nvidia’s Stock

Key Challenges Affecting Nvidia’s Stock Value

💪 Competition from Tech Giants: While Nvidia’s smaller rivals struggle to attract investments, major tech behemoths are entering the fray. Established chip manufacturers such as Intel and AMD are upping their stakes in next-gen AI chips. Google announced in April that its AI supercomputer outpaces Nvidia’s A100 chip in speed and efficiency. Recently, Microsoft introduced its AI chip competitor to Nvidia, potentially diminishing its reliance on the company. Former OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, now part of Microsoft, is reportedly seeking funding in the Middle East for a new chip venture project named Tigris.

🌎 Geopolitical Uncertainties: Nvidia is treading carefully amidst US-China trade tensions by tailoring chips for the Chinese market. Export restrictions have posed challenges previously and could lead to further disruptions amid ongoing geopolitical tensions. Moreover, US export restrictions to Middle Eastern countries could have a minor impact on Nvidia’s operations.

👐 Concerns Regarding Overstated Sales Projections: Kyle Rodda, senior market analyst at global trading platform Capital.com, raised concerns about potential double ordering due to the chip supply race. The extent of this phenomenon remains uncertain. If widespread, it could significantly undermine the company’s future sales, especially if orders are retracted following a substantial downturn or negative shock.

Nvidia’s Impressive Growth in Figures

170% : Nvidia’s anticipated year-over-year revenue growth for the quarter ending September 30

70% : Market share controlled by Nvidia in the AI chip sector

20-25% : Proportion of Nvidia’s data center sales attributed to China

1.5–2 million : Nvidia’s target for H100 processor shipments in 2024, compared to 500,000 units in the current year

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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