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– Enhance Your Skills with Amazon’s AI Training Program

Want to learn more about AI but don’t know where to start? Check out these free AI training c…

This post was almost not written as I got distracted for most of the trip. There was a captivating diversion, but not an ideal spot for essay writing.

Moreover, I participated in a comprehensive AI training session for developers during a single trip and highly recommend it.

When presented with a wealth of fascinating information and experiences, I tend to immerse myself fully, exploring peaks and delving into the realm of manufacturing vehicles.

I am referring to the array of free AI training courses offered by Amazon, which came to my attention shortly after I shared details about OpenAI and DeepLearning programs in a previous post.

I was directed to ten different resources, some of which provide diverse learning opportunities such as the Generative AI Foundations course. Over the weekend, my focus was primarily on absorbing the content of the Generative AI Foundations series.

This extensive video series spans seven hours, covering various topics including rapid prototyping, efficient tuning, model pre-training, data preparation, large-scale training, integration of human feedback into models, and deployment of basic models.

Furthermore: Exploring the utilization of ChatGPT for creating personalized AI models

The experience was enriching, with a small, cozy dog accompanying me most of the time. There was minimal reading involved. Hence, I find myself here, late into the night before the deadline, rushing to share this insight with my audience before daybreak.

Amazon caters to both technical and non-technical audiences with its course offerings. To access these resources, one must register on Amazon’s AWS Skill Builder platform. I opted to sign in using my client Amazon account or AWS credentials.

Take a closer look.

Free AI Training for Non-Technical Enthusiasts

In contrast to the technical focus of the previously highlighted DeepLearning content, Amazon provides an excellent introductory guide for managers, decision-makers, and those curious about AI.

The concise course on artificial intelligence (AI) delves into its significance, relationship with deep learning and machine learning, and its practical applications.

  • The brief and informative course, Introduction to Machine Learning : Art of the Possible, elucidates the fundamentals of machine learning and guides participants in assessing the implications of adopting ML in various business scenarios. This hour-long session is well worth the investment.
  • “Introduction to Generative AI : Arts of the Possible” distinguishes conceptual AI from machine learning, offering insights into its applications, limitations, and benefits.
  • A series of brief, clear, and easy-to-follow videos are designed to help C-suite executives grasp how conceptual AI can address business challenges and drive growth. Each segment is concise, lasting only a few minutes, yet investing less than 30 minutes can yield valuable insights.

Individuals venturing into AI for the first time can benefit from the following resources. While some technical and programming knowledge is beneficial, even novices can gain valuable insights.

AWS DeepRacer: This interactive learning lab provides hands-on experience with reinforcement learning through a cloud-based 3D racing simulator. Participants have a limited free trial period to engage with this autonomous racing car platform.

  • The Machine Learning University at Amazon offers comprehensive machine learning programs used internally to educate Amazon developers, now accessible to a broader audience for self-paced learning.
  • Amazon CodeWhisperer- Getting Started is a free digital course introducing AI programming companion Alexis Whisperer, aiding developers in task completion. This course sheds light on its features, setup process, and integration with various coding languages.
  • Amazon Bedrock– Getting Started is a self-paced course covering the creation of conceptual AI applications, suitable for technical audiences and developers.

Intermediate AI Resources for Engineers and Technicians

For individuals with a foundational understanding of AI, Amazon provides intermediate-level training resources.

  • AWS Power Hour Introduction to Machine Learning for Developers is a recorded Twitch Series offering practical insights into machine learning fundamentals and application in programming.
  • Generative AI Foundations on AWS provides in-depth, on-demand training for technologists familiar with AI modeling, covering essential concepts, practical guidance, and hands-on exercises.
  • Big Language Models and Generative AI is a collaborative program between AWS and DeepLearning, focusing on training data scientists and engineers in selecting, training, and implementing large language models for real-world applications.

Explore and Enhance Your Knowledge for Free!

While paid learning programs are abundant, there are numerous free resources available to kickstart your learning journey and enhance your skills. Remember to set reminders before diving into learning sessions to avoid losing track of time.

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