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### AI’s Potential to be Regarded as a Human Entity in Africa: Exploring the Possibilities

Surely, our creative young people can do some feeble defensive work, can’t they?

Keeping abreast of the advancements in AI among the youth can be challenging. While commonly known as Artificial Intelligence, I prefer to term it Enhanced Intelligence, emphasizing its foundation in the creativity of healthy individuals.

I once admired a specific young influencer for her rapid growth in social media followers, only to later realize the true nature of this seemingly genuine persona.

The realization dawned on me that this young lady was not real but a meticulously crafted AI entity, possibly developed by an experienced, elderly gentleman.

Who will be the mastermind behind the next groundbreaking novel or an authentically soul-stirring melody?

The revelation that the seemingly real, muscular gentleman strolling through various American settings for months on end was also an AI creation left me astounded. How did I overlook this fact for so long? It now makes sense why he remains indifferent to the admiration of onlookers.

While these technological marvels are fascinating, one must ponder the purpose they serve with such openly accessible capabilities. My mind drifts to the ongoing power struggles where larger nations are pitted against smaller ones. Shouldn’t our bright young minds be equipped to contribute defensively in some capacity?

In a world where major powers issue safety advisories cautioning against travel or exploration, coinciding with Uganda’s vibrant Nyege Nyege cultural festival, particularly targeting Jinja, the birthplace of the River Nile, questions arise. The timing of these alerts following threats of tourism boycotts against Uganda raises suspicions of potential economic sabotage.

It is imperative for Africans from less influential nations to harness Accelerated Intelligence to safeguard their heritage. Imagine being able to detect and prevent potential threats, such as food poisoning, before harm is done.

Rather than circulating fabricated images and videos, depicting leaders from powerful nations engaging positively with local communities during events like the Nyege Nyege festival could foster a more favorable perception. This strategic shift could counteract harmful propaganda and promote goodwill towards developing countries.

The quest for economic advancement in Africa extends beyond mere reactionary measures to counter external influences. Embracing AI technology can revolutionize various sectors, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The African Union must prioritize the integration of Enhanced Intelligence into national development agendas, aligning with global efforts to ensure the safe and ethical deployment of AI technologies.

By leveraging AI capabilities, governments can swiftly analyze resources, optimize production processes, and enhance decision-making for the benefit of their citizens. This strategic approach can lead to rapid progress and sustainable development.

Initiating dedicated AI departments within governmental bodies and securing adequate funding can pave the way for inclusive and transparent technological advancements, reducing skepticism and fostering trust among the populace.

In this era of innovation, let us empower the younger generation to spearhead technological initiatives, steering us towards a future where accusations of malpractice become obsolete, replaced by admiration for progress and ingenuity.

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Last modified: February 17, 2024
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