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– Embracing a New Epoch: Humane Unveils AI Pin for Tailored AI Innovations

/PRNewswire/ — Today, Humane Inc fully unveils Ai Pin: the first wearable device and software…

San Francisco, November 9, 2023 PRNewswire- Humane Inc. officially unveils AI Pin, its latest wearable gadget and software program designed to maximize the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Featuring a novel, voice-activated, and screen-free form factor, AI Pin marks a significant advancement in personal consumer technology. Starting November 16th, customers in the US can purchase AI Pin for $699, offering a comprehensive package.

Revolutionizing Communication AI Pin revolutionizes the way we engage with AI. Users can interact naturally by speaking to it, utilizing the intuitive touchpad, presenting objects, making gestures, or engaging with the innovative Laser Ink Display projected onto their palm. This unique screenless interface seamlessly integrates AI into daily life through various modes of interaction.

Seamless Integration AI Pin seamlessly integrates into daily routines, enhancing interactions with the surrounding environment.

AI Mic enhances search capabilities, swiftly locating and contextualizing desired information. It effectively handles both basic and complex tasks. The Catch Me Up feature organizes incoming communications audibly, allowing AI-powered responses in the user’s voice. Through a collaboration with TIDAL, innovative AI-driven music experiences are brought to life, while the AI-powered camera aids in capturing and recalling significant moments.

AI Pin offers a diverse range of functionalities, such as assisting in achieving nutritional goals through computer vision for food identification and serving as a foreign language translator. Future updates promise additional capabilities, expanding the device’s potential.

Cosmos: A New OS for the AI Era Cosmos serves as Humane’s operating system for the AI era, combining intelligent technologies with intuitive interactions and advanced security features. The AI Bus, a novel AI software framework, powers AI Pin, eliminating the need for downloading, managing, or launching applications. It intuitively understands user needs, seamlessly connecting them to the desired AI services.

Unlimited Energy and Innovative Design Available in three color options – Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar – AI Pin features a distinctive two-piece design comprising the main computer and a battery booster. These components magnetically attach and wirelessly draw power through clothing, enabling versatile wearing options. With its perpetual power system, users can swap battery boosters on-the-go, ensuring uninterrupted usage and extended battery life.

Cutting-Edge Technology Despite its compact size, AI Pin boasts advanced technology. Powered by a Snapdragon®™ processor with a dedicated Qualcomm AI Engine, it delivers fast and reliable performance for AI interactions. Equipped with an ultra-wide RGB camera, depth sensor, and motion sensors, AI Pin perceives the world like its users. The personic speaker produces immersive sound tailored to the user’s needs, while Bluetooth connectivity allows pairing with headphones.

Privacy at the Core Privacy and transparency are prioritized with AI Pin. The device activates only upon user interaction, eliminating the need for ‘wake words’ and ensuring it does not constantly listen or record. A Trust Light feature indicates when sensors are active, managed through a dedicated privacy chip. In case of compromise, AI Pin automatically shuts down, requiring professional service from Humane.

Centralized Power with Humane.center AI Pin connects to Humane.center to manage and access user data, including photos, videos, and notes. This platform serves as a centralized hub, streamlining interactions from setup to daily use. Upon purchasing AI Pin, users can onboard via a privacy-protected portal, enabling personalized services.

Innovative Partnerships Collaborations with Microsoft and OpenAI grant AI Pin access to powerful AI models and platforms, paving the way for future enhancements. AI Pin operates independently without the need for smartphone pairing. To provide wireless service, Humane launches its MVNO in partnership with T-Mobile, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Pricing and Membership Plan AI Pin starts at \(699 for the complete system, including the device, two battery boosters, a charge pad, a charge case, a cable, and an adapter. The Humane Subscription, priced at \)24 per month, offers a dedicated cell phone number for AI Pin, unlimited talk, text, and data, cloud storage, and full access to Humane’s suite of AI-powered services with no query limits.

Empowering an AI-Driven Future Humane envisions a future where AI seamlessly integrates into daily life, enhancing experiences. The launch of AI Pin signifies the beginning of this journey, ushering in a new era of AI-powered personal technology.

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, co-founders of Humane, embody the vision of integrating AI into everyday life to enhance functionality while preserving societal values. The unveiling of AI Pin represents the initial step in Humane’s ongoing efforts.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, commends Humane for leveraging AI to empower individuals to reach their full potential. The collaboration aims to reshape technology interactions and global connectivity through AI.

Eric Boyd, CVP AI Platform at Microsoft, highlights Azure’s commitment to innovation through the partnership with Humane. The collaboration aligns with the shared goal of supporting groundbreaking solutions.

John Saw, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at T-Mobile, praises the advancement of AI Pin, emphasizing its role in creating a more connected, AI-informed future. T-Mobile is proud to contribute to this AI-first experience.

Jeffrey Torrance, Senior Vice President & General Manager at Connected Smart Systems Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., underscores the partnership with Humane as a testament to their joint commitment to integrating intelligent computing seamlessly into daily life.

Jesse Dorogusker, CEO of TIDAL, expresses excitement about the collaboration with Humane, aiming to enhance fans’ music experiences through AI Pin. The partnership offers a unique way to interact with music seamlessly.

About Humane: Established in 2019 by Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, Humane focuses on developing technologies and platforms for the intelligence age. Their flagship product, Humane Ai Pin, empowers users to leverage AI capabilities on the go. Partnering with industry leaders like Microsoft, OpenAI, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and T-Mobile, Humane is shaping the future of AI-driven personal mobile computing.

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