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### Crafting AI-Enhanced Emails in BlueMail: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you often struggle to compose proper emails, without struggling or pulling your hair, BlueMail h…

I provided Geary with a second opportunity in my quest to replace Thunderbird as my preferred email client on Linux. However, I encountered a significant “feature” that hindered its adoption as my go-to choice. BlueMail emerged as the second contender in the test and has already demonstrated its success.

BlueMail, a proprietary email client, encompasses all the necessary features you might need. One notable addition is the integration of an in-built AI named GemAI, also known as “Generative Email.” BlueMail states, “With the ever-growing volume of emails exchanged daily, crafting well-written and impactful messages can be challenging.” Generative Email, powered by a customized version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, aims to address this issue by filtering content based on relevance and material tolerance.

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While some individuals may find themselves inundated with email tasks throughout the day, leading them to seek assistance, I personally prefer crafting my messages without AI intervention. However, in scenarios where support is needed, GemAI proves to be a valuable asset.

GemAI by BlueMail boasts user-friendly features that span across various channels, including:

  • Utilizing AI to expedite email composition.
  • Providing context-based recommendations for enhanced communication efficiency.
  • Offering concise summaries for lengthy messages to bolster productivity.

The beauty of GemAI lies in its seamless integration without the need for intricate APIs or third-party account connections. Simply install the email client, and you’re ready to start composing emails effortlessly.

Allow me to walk you through the process.

How to leverage AI in BlueMail for email creation

To embark on this journey, ensure you have BlueMail installed and configured with your email account(s). This serves as the gateway to activating our AI assistant.

Initiate BlueMail and locate the Compose button positioned at the bottom center of the window.

At the bottom of the composition window, you’ll spot a small orange icon featuring the letters “AI.” Click on this icon to activate the GemAI tool.

The distinctive orange diamond-shaped symbol represents GemAI.

Input your message content into the “Write in a nutshell” field and hit the “Generate” button.

GemAI will automatically generate a subject line for you, streamlining the email creation process.

I tested GemAI by drafting a message to Santa Claus, requesting world peace. My prompt was, “Write a letter to Santa asking for world peace.” Once GemAI completes the message, click “Apply” to transfer the email body to the composition window.

In my case, GemAI composed a message addressed to Santa Claus.

To finalize the email, add the recipient, subject, your name, and make any necessary edits to the body. Upon completion, hit “Send” to dispatch the message.

Moreover, effective communication is paramount for productivity, making it crucial to safeguard against potential risks like hacking.

If AI isn’t your cup of tea, BlueMail offers a compelling implementation of GemAI for those open to leveraging technology in their email correspondence. Give it a try and witness the potential enhancement in the efficiency and effectiveness of your email interactions.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024
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