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### A Comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy AI Capabilities with Google and Apple

Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 smartphone series has a bunch of nifty AI-powered tools and features…

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series introduces a host of innovative AI capabilities. Among these features, Circle to Search stands out as a particularly practical tool, while Generative Edit appears capable of reshaping reality itself. These functionalities are part of Galaxy AI, a collection of tools and utilities designed to streamline daily tasks, enhance productivity, and facilitate content creation.

This narrative is included in the Samsung Event, a compilation by CNET focusing on news, recommendations, and insights related to Samsung’s flagship products.

Galaxy AI represents Samsung’s endeavor to enrich the S24 series with software enhancements driven by generative AI technology, which gained widespread attention following the viral success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot last year. Samsung and its competitors are placing their bets on AI to inject new vitality into the smartphone market, which has experienced a slowdown in sales in recent years.

The Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra models all incorporate Galaxy AI, described by Samsung as a “comprehensive mobile AI experience.” These AI-driven features, many of which leverage the power of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, are elaborated upon below. However, Samsung is not alone in its AI aspirations. A comparison is drawn between some of the prominent features of Galaxy AI and those offered by Google and Apple, two major rivals of Samsung.

Live Translation facilitates real-time translation during phone conversations between individuals conversing in different languages, supporting 13 languages and 17 dialects. Interpreter, a similar tool, focuses on converting conversations into text displayed on a split-screen, enabling face-to-face communication with text transcriptions, even without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Circle to Search allows users to initiate a Google search by circling an item on the screen with their finger or Samsung’s S Pen stylus. Chat Assist, integrated into the keyboard, assists in composing messages, emails, and social media posts by analyzing and adjusting the text to match the intended tone or style.

Generative Edit enables users to make transformative edits to photos, such as object removal with background reconstruction. Note Assist generates AI-summarized notes, facilitates translations, and formats files within Samsung’s Notes app, enhancing note organization and visibility.

On the other hand, Google’s Pixel 8 offers features like Best Take, which enhances group photos by allowing face swaps within the same image series, and Magic Editor, a tool leveraging generative AI for advanced photo editing capabilities.

While Samsung’s Galaxy S24 and Google’s Pixel 8 present compelling AI functionalities tailored to personal preferences, Apple’s iPhone series has yet to incorporate generative AI features similar to its competitors. However, speculations suggest that Apple may follow suit in integrating generative AI technology, potentially enhancing Siri’s capabilities and intelligence in future iPhone iterations. Reports hint at the incorporation of large language models to bolster Siri’s performance, expected to debut with iOS 18 on the iPhone 16.

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Last modified: January 22, 2024
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