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### AI-Powered Strategies for Fire Discovery: A Case Study of an Austin Company

SmokeD System Inc. uses artificial intelligence, optical sensors and cameras to detect and alert us…

The founder of an automated wildfire detection system relocated the company’s headquarters to Austin after a challenging wildfire season in Central Texas and is now intensifying efforts to combat the issue. SmokeD System Inc., originally based in Poland, was founded four years ago and later moved its headquarters to the capital of Texas in September.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, the company’s products are installed on tall structures or buildings using antenna methods. Through a combination of visual sensors and cameras, the technology precisely identifies locations and alerts users via the SmokeD Alerts app about wildfires within a 10-mile radius.

Company officials have disclosed that SmokeD has established partnerships with 45 different locations for deploying the technology over the past two months.

Artur Matuszczak, the founder and CEO of SmokeD System Inc., emphasized the system’s capability to detect and signal potential dangers from a significant distance to alert individuals and firefighting teams promptly.

The SmokeD System Inc. software integrates artificial intelligence, visual detectors, and cameras to detect and inform users about fires within a 10-mile range.

Matuszczak highlighted that the app allows users to access data from various detectors and receive and share initial fire alerts efficiently, aiming to notify as many people as possible before a fire outbreak.

Central Texas, besides being a hotspot for fire incidents, houses numerous businesses and organizations that SmokeD plans to collaborate with to expand the system’s coverage.

In line with WILDFIRE AI NEWS, Austin Energy will utilize 360-camera monitors and artificial intelligence for wildfire detection.

Matuszczak noted the strategic advantage of being in an area with a concentration of global high-tech companies, emphasizing the importance of collaborating with major corporations to enhance the system’s effectiveness.

SmokeD’s strategy includes forming economic partnerships through paid app promotions and physical collaborations for installing the technology on various structures.

Matuszczak expressed the company’s commitment to forming alliances with businesses and individuals willing to contribute to safeguarding local communities.

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Last modified: February 9, 2024
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